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To Incorporate in the USA, you first must choose a state.

Many of the popular States are: 

The following are the initial and ongoing state fees for each one:

Delaware:  Initial fee is $89 and ongoing is $250
Wyoming: Initial fee is $100 and ongoing is $52
Nevada: Initial fee is $400 and ongoing is $325
Washington: Initial fee is $180 and ongoing is $69

All of these states have no income tax if you do not do business in the state.

Every one of these states will require you to have a USA registered agent.

A USA registered agent provides a physical address as required with the various states.  The registered agents duties are to accept legal notices on behalf of your company.

We only charge $100 to set up your company in the USA.  We also charge $125 a year to act as your USA registered agent, which is below the industry normal price.  We have no hidden fees, and all legal notices are scanned into your online account immediately so you have real time access to all your documents we receive as your USA registered agent.
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