A Domestic New York LLC and a foreign New York LLC must publish in two newspapers in the county of the principal office address.

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You must publish within 120 days of the effective date the New York Secretary of State gives you on your initial articles of organization, or qualification of a foreign LLC from out of state.
You must publish for 6 successive weeks!
You have to publish in 2 different newspapers! One newspaper has to be a daily published newspaper, and the second can be a weekly published newspaper.
Information on publishing with the Altamont Enterprise Weekly Newspaper
Information on publishing with the Times Union Daily Newspaper
You must publish a summary of the articles of organization or qualification. You can abbreviate the following requirements:

  • The name of the New York Limited Liability Company
  • The effective date the NY LLC was filed and formed (or qualified)
  • The NY county where the NY LLC office is
  • The physical street address of the principal business location if there is one
  • A statement that the New York Secretary of State is named as the agent for service of process
  • Naming of a New York Registered Agent for service of process (if applicable)
  • The business purpose

These statements can all be abbreviated to save you newspaper publication fees. We have a standard word doc and pdf in your online account of an approved abbreviated version.

A lot of businesses in New York City will file the initial information with our Albany registered agent office listed as the principal office address on paper, and then file an amendment for $60 or a certificate of change for $30 with the New York Department of State. (All forms are in your online account) Changing to their New York City office address after the publication is completed. There is nothing in the statute as of 9-1-2010 requiring anyone to re-publish if a change to any information was made. Even more of a hassle? Yes, but the whole publication process is insane! It’s such a burden on new businesses. If anything, make them publish after 5 years, when they have some money. For those of you not wanting to pay a New York City newspaper $1,000 to get your business started, you can hire Northwest as your registered agent for $125. Then pay the Albany County newspapers roughly $100 to publish. Then 6 months from now, pay the state an additional $30 to file the certificate of change. These certificates of change and amendments are in your online account immediately after signing up for service. If you would like to look at the publication code yourself, you can view it under section 206

To add to the further confusion of certificates of good standing without ever filing the publication. The whole thing seems un-monitored, vague, contradictory, useless, confusing, pointless, counter-productive, and a big waste of time. But if you don’t want to waste a bunch of money, you at least have some options.

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