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Instructions on South Carolina Incorporating

What will it cost to incorporate in South Carolina?

$135 South Carolina articles of incorporation filing fee

Domestic corporations need a South Carolina licensed attorney to sign the filing. We can have our South Carolina attorney sign your filing for $150. This does not constitute any legal advice or relationship with our attorney, but this is way cheaper than you can find anywhere else. Since we offer walk-in incorporation service, we can form your SC corporation in just a few days.

What are the costs involved in forming a South Carolina LLC?

South Carolina LLC articles of organization will cost $110

How long will it take to get my South Carolina Incorporation or South Carolina LLC processed?

There are some different options for filing in South Carolina.

South Carolina Business One Stop allows online filing of various SC business documents, permits, etc. online registrations are processed in 24-48 hours.

Normal processing time for South Carolina corporation or LLC formation is 7 business days.

If we do an incorporation filing for you, we will have our attorney sign the incorporation form and walk it in to the SOS office so you can have your South Carolina corporation formed in just a few days!

What am I going to be looking at for ongoing fees to South Carolina?

The South Carolina Secretary of State requires an initial report for corporations. Initial returns are due upon filing the articles of incorporation, or on or before 60 days after commencing business in South Carolina, or using a portion of capital in the state or acquiring ownership of, commencing maintenance of or commencing operation of one or more establishments or plants in the state. The initial report will cost a minimum of $25, plus any interest or penalty fees.

South Carolina has no annual reports or fees for Limited Liability Companies.

The Department of Revenue will contact you regarding any state taxes due.

What are the South Carolina business taxes?

When you incorporate in South Carolina, you will subject yourself to South Carolina corporate net income tax rate of 5% of your net taxable income.

The personal income tax rate ranges from 0%-7%.

7.04%. The state has a 6% tax, but the average local tax is 1.04% making a total of 7.04%.

When we incorporate your business in South Carolina, our service includes:

  • Drafting custom articles for a South Carolina LLC or South Carolina corporation.
  • The South Carolina incorporator initial resolution for a corporation, or South Carolina organizer if South Carolina LLC.
  • Ratified South Carolina corporate bylaws, or operating agreement if South Carolina LLC.
  • The state of South Carolina incorporation filing fees.
  • Resident agent service for South Carolina.
  • Our service fees are: $100 for South Carolina incorporation service and $125 for South Carolina registered agent.

All for a total of only $335 for a South Carolina LLC or $570 for a South Carolina corporation.

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We pay taxes
We pay taxes in South Carolina and operate in South Carolina. Meaning we already go through what you're about to. When you hire us to help you incorporate in South Carolina, the money we make, goes back into the South Carolina economy.

Thank you for the opportunity to help you incorporate in South Carolina.
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