South Carolina Annual Report Filing Directions

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South Carolina Annual Report Filing Instructions

What is the cost to file the South Carolina Annual Return and Annual Renewal?

  • The SC Dept. of Revenue report for corporations and partnerships is a tax return, so the costs vary, but there is no fee above your regular taxes. So the annual report fee is zero, but you have to pay your taxes.
  • SC LLPs-domestic and foreign: Renew for $100.
  • The registration/renewal fee for charities is $50. The Annual Financial Report carries no fee.

How to keep your business in compliance in South Carolina:

Corporations and LLCs in South Carolina do not have annual report requirements with the SC Secretary of State. However, the South Carolina Department of Revenue has annual returns to file and the Secretary of State will dissolve your corporation if you become delinquent with the SC Department of Revenue (DOR) filings.

  • SC Corporations: Domestic and foreign corporations, as well as professional corporations file SC 1120 Corporation Tax Return. The form has a corporate annual report included on page three. Deliver this form by mail to SC Department of Revenue with the Federal return attached.
  • SC LLCs: LLCs have no reporting requirements with the Secretary of State or the Dept. of Revenue, unless the LLC has elected to be taxed as an S corp. In which case, file form SC 1120S to the Department of Revenue.
  • SC Nonprofits: Nonprofits file form SC 990-T by mail to DOR with a copy of Federal return attached.
  • SC LLPs: South Carolina Limited Liability Partnerships refile the Application for Registration every year by mail or in person, with the filing fee to the SC Secretary of State. Foreign Limited Liability Partnerships file annually an Application for a Certificate of Authority to Transact Business. All types of partnerships also file Partnership Return SC 1065 annually with the Dept of Revenue.
  • SC LPs: File the annual tax return Partnership Return SC 1065 with the Dept. of Revenue.
  • SC Statutory Close Corporations: File annually SC 1120 Corporate Tax Return with the Dept of Revenue.
  • SC Charities: Charities must register and annually renew with the Secretary of State, Public Charities Division. The form is called Registration Statement for a Charitable Organization. Charities also file an Annual Financial Report Form. Both forms should be filed together by mail, fax or online. See the link below.

Does South Carolina require an Initial Report?

SC Corporations, PCs and Nonprofits, domestic and foreign, are required to file the Initial Annual Report of Corporations, CL-1 at the same time as their initial formation/registration with the Secretary of State. There is no grace period. Your documents will be rejected if form CL-1 is not included. The filing fee for the initial report is included with the fee for the articles incorporation or the application for foreign authority. This registers your new company with the SC Department of Revenue.

When is South Carolina Annual Tax Return Due?

  • SC Profit corporations file by the 15th day of the third month after the close of taxing year with the SC Dept. of Revenue; typically March 15th.
  • SC Nonprofits renew by the 15th day of the fifth month following close of taxing year with the Dept. of Revenue; generally May 15th.
  • SC LLPs file by their anniversary date with the Secretary of State and the 15th day of fourth month after tax year end to Dept. of Revenue.
  • SC LPs file their return with Dept. of Revenue by the 15th day of the fourth month after tax year end.
  • SC Charities renew their registration annually, and file their annual financial statement by 4½ months after the end of their fiscal year to SC Secretary of State, Public Charities Division.

What is the penalty for a delinquent Annual Report?

Dept. of Revenue charges 5% penalty per month that your tax return is late and SC Secretary of State can dissolve your corporation for failure to pay and file your return.

Who can file South Carolina Annual Renewals and Tax Returns?

  • The Charity renewal must be signed by the CEO and the CFO.
  • SC Dept. of Revenue returns must be signed by a corporate officer.
  • LLP renewal must be signed by two partners.
  • Form CL-1 must be signed by the incorporator or officer.

Are original signatures needed?



South Carolina Secretary of State's Office
Attn: Business Filings Division
1205 Pendleton Street, Suite 525
Columbia, SC 29201
Phone: (803) 734-2158

SC Secretary of State
Attn: Public Charities Division
1205 Pendleton Street, Suite 525
Columbia, SC 29201
Phone: (803) 734-1790
Fax #: (803) 734-1604

State of South Carolina
Department of Revenue
Corporation Return
Columbia, SC 29214-0100
Phone: (803) 896-1730

SC Charity Registration:
SC Department of Revenue:

Northwest Registered Agent, LLC.
Agent#  081112-0230
Charleston, SC 29406
Charleston County

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