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Texas Business Corporate Tax, Texas Personal Income Tax, Texas Sales Tax Rates

What is the Texas Corporate net income tax rate(s)?

Texas has a gross receipt tax of 1% on gross income over $1,000,000. You can use the E-Z computation form to get .575% tax if your sales are under 10 million a year. Wholesalers and retailers are automatically at .5% tax.

You must still file the tax return for informational purposes every May 15th. In 2009, Texas passed legislation to move the threshold of gross receipts from 300,000 to 1 million. Finally a state that get's it! Stimulate the economy by lowing taxes and fees… Not raising them!

Most Texas businesses will not have to pay anything in tax on the company level or personally.

What is the Texas personal net income tax rate(s)?

Texas has no personal income tax.

What is the average Texas sales tax rate(s)?

7.39%. The state has a 6.25% tax, but the average local tax is 1.14% making a total of 7.39%.

Are there standard deductions?

Single:   no tax
Joint:   no tax

Are there personal exemptions?

Single:   no tax return to file
Dependants:   no tax return to file

What forms do you file for your Texas taxes?

C corporations:   franchise tax return
S corporations:   franchise tax return
Partnerships:   franchise tax return
Individual:   no tax return

Texas Department of Revenue:

Texas State Comptroller
P.O. Box 13528
Austin , TX 78711-3528
Telephone: 800-252-5555
Website:  http://www.window.state.tx.us/taxes/

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