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An apostille is basically a document that certifies another certification. This document is often required in countries that are a part of the Hague Convention. Obtaining an apostille can be a daunting task, or time consuming to say the least. We have compiled step by step instructions for each State on the cheapest, quickest and most efficient way to get an Apostille. An apostille is obtained at the State level from the Secretary of State. Usually you would get a State apostille on a certificate of good standing, a certificate of incorporation, certificate of organization, certificate of membership, or any other State document you might want additional certification of. You can also get an apostille of a document that has a State notary signature on it. Please click on the State below you are interested in for more step by step instructions, forms, and links.

State State Filing Fee Time Frame
Alabama $5 1-2 days
Alaska $25 2-3 weeks
Arizona $3 3-5 business days
Arkansas $10 24-48 business hours
California $20 2 weeks
Colorado $10 7-10 business days
Connecticut $40 4-5 business days
Delaware $30 2-3 business weeks
DC $10 3-5 business days
Florida $10 7 business days
Georgia $3 1 day
Hawaii $1 1 business week
Idaho $10 3 business days
Illinois $2 7-10 business days
Indiana Free 3-5 business days
Iowa $5 2 days
Kansas $7.50 2-3 days
Kentucky $5 3 days
Louisiana $20 2-3 days
Maine $10 1 day
Maryland $5 1-2 days
Massachusetts $6 10 business days
Michigan $1 20 business days
Minnesota $5 4 days
Mississippi $2 2 days
Missouri $10 10 business days
Montana $10 1-2 days
Nebraska $10 1 day
Nevada $20 4 business weeks
New Hampshire $10 5-7 business days
New Jersey $25 10-15 business days
New Mexico $3 3 business days
New York $10 2-4 business days
North Carolina $10 5 business days
North Dakota $10 1-2 business days
Ohio $5 2-3 business days
Counter Service: while you wait
Oklahoma $25 2-3 business days
Counter Service: within 1 hour
Oregon $10 2-3 business days
Counter Service: while you wait
Pennsylvania $15 per document 2-3 business days
Rhode Island $5 per document 1-2 business days
South Carolina $2 per document 2-3 business days
Counter Service: while you wait (in person only).
South Dakota $5 per document 1-2 business days
Tennessee $2 per document 2-3 business days
Counter Service: while you wait (in person only).
Texas $15 per document 1-2 business days
Utah $15 per document 3-5 business days
Vermont $2 per document 1-2 business days
Virginia $10 per document 5-7 business days
Washington $15 3-5 business days
West Virginia $10 per document 24-48 business hours
Wisconsin $10 per document 5-10 business days
Wyoming $3 per document 2-3 business days
Counter Service: 1-3 business days

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