Certificate of Good Standing – Certificate of existence – Certificate of Status


If you’re registering your company in a different state, the odds are that you’ll need a certificate of good standing from your home state of incorporation if you’re a corporation, or organization if you’re an LLC. Some states call this certificate a certificate of status or existence. This can be obtained for an LLC, corporation, LLP, LP, or any other type of entity if you are in good standing with your home state.

Either way, all the different terminology the same thing. Some states also call this a letter of good standing. All these lingo names for letters and certificates should not be confused with a certificate of incorporation, or certificate of organization. A certificate of incorporation, is something you might get from a state when you initially incorporate. This certificate will not be what ANY state is looking for when you register as a foreign business.

What a state is looking for is some recent document from your home state that usually will state the day your business was started, if it’s currently in existence or in good standing, will usually have the Secretary of State seal on it, and needs to be currently dated.

Some states require this certificate to be dated within 30 days. Some states are 90 days, and there are a couple that they can be 6 months old. Most states allow you to present them a copy of the certificate, meaning, you can order it from your home state by fax, online, or email, and send in a copy of the certificate. There are a couple states that require the certificate to be an actual original. In the states where they require an original certificate of good standing, they keep a list of states that only produce this certificate online, and that will be fine.

The following is prices and times from each state on the certificates. If you click the state name, it will take you to that specific state information page. We have compiled the fastest, cheapest, and most efficient way to get these documents. This information is free for anyone to use. If you don’t want to do it yourself, we can get the certificate of good standing or certificate of existence for you from the Secretary of State. In addition, we have registered office locations in every state. Most states we are very close to the Secretary of State and sometimes we can walk in and get the certificate of status quickly for you.

If you’re registering in a new state, you’ll more than likely need a registered agent in that state. This is what we do for people like yourself. You can click on the links at the bottom of this page to see about our registered agent service for any state. We usually have the cheapest price you can find, and provide some of the most comprehensive services. Also, if you don’t want to do the filing yourself, you can hire us to get a certificate of authority for you, register your business with the department of revenue, and/or any state agency you might need to get aqcuainted with. For more info like expedited options, payment options, and other tips of the trade, please click on the specific state link you need.

State Cost Time Frame
Alabama $28.00 immediate online
Alaska $10.00 immediate online
Arizona $45.00 immediate online
Arkansas $28.00 immediate online
California $5.00 4 weeks
Colorado free immediate online
Connecticut $50.00 immediate online
Delaware $50.00 2-3 business weeks
DC $16.50 10 business days
Florida $8.75 corps
$5.00 LLCs
5-10 business days
Georgia $10.00 immediate online
Hawaii $7.50 immediate online
Idaho $11.50 immediate online
Illinois $47.00 immediate online
Indiana $21.42 immediate online
Iowa $5.00 immediate online
Kansas $15.00 immediate online
Kentucky $10.00 immediate online
Louisiana $20.00 immediate online
Maine $30.00 immediate online
Maryland $40.00 immediate online
Massachusetts $15.00 immediate online
Michigan $12.50 1 day
Minnesota $15.00 4 business days
Mississippi $27.00 immediate online
Missouri $10.00 immediate online
Montana $5.00 immediate online
Nebraska $10.00 3 business days
Nevada $50.00 immediate online
New Hampshire $5.00 5-7 business days
New Jersey $25.00 Corp, nonprofit, and LP
$50.00 short form, $100.00 long form LLC and LLP
immediate online
New Mexico $50.00 profit Corp
$25.00 LLC
$10.00 non-profit Corp
5-10 business days
New York $25.00 2-3 business days
North Carolina $12.00 immediate online
North Dakota $10.00 + $5.00 search of records: Sole Proprietors and GP
$15.00 + $5.00 search of records: LP, LLP, LLLP, PLLP, LLC, PLLC, Corp
1-2 business days
in person counter service: while you wait
Ohio $5.00 immediate online
Oklahoma $20.00 online processing + 4% credit card processing fee within 1 hour online
Oregon $10.00 3-7 business days
in person counter service: while you wait
Pennsylvania $40.00 immediate online
Rhode Island $22.00 online
$20.00 regular processing
2 business days online
5-7 business days normal processing
South Carolina $10.00 2-3 business days
Counter Service: while you wait (in person only)
South Dakota $20.00 + $5.00 if emailed or faxed back 1-2 business days
Tennessee $20.00 by mail
$22.25 online
1-2 business days – Counter Service: while you wait (in person only)
Order online and print from website
Texas $15.00 1-2 business hours online
Utah $12.00 immediate online
Vermont $25.00 3-5 business days
Virginia $6.00 2-3 business days
Washington $20.00 5-7 days
West Virginia $10.00 24-48 business hours online
Counter Service: while you wait
Wisconsin $10.00 immediate online
Wyoming free online immediate online
Canadian provinces varies depending on province varies depending on province
Puerto Rico $15 for corporations; $25 for LLCs immediate online