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Register A Canadian Business In The US


How do you register a Canadian company in the US?

You can register a Canadian company in a US state the same way you would register any other out of state (foreign) business. You would simply do whatever the Secretary of State’s office requires to register/qualify a foreign business entity. Most US states require a Certificate of Good Standing and/or a certified copy of the company’s formation document (articles of incorporation, organization, etc.) when you register with the Secretary of State. So the first step is always to find out what the state you want to do business in requires of you.

How do you get the documents you need to register a Canadian company in the US?

If you are incorporated at the federal level in Canada, it is like you are incorporated in all of the provinces. You can do business in any province or territory and you can have your head office anywhere. Also, when you want to register your Canadian company in the US, you just need the Certificate of Compliance and/or certified copy of your articles from the federal agency, Corporations Canada.

If your Canadian company is not registered at the federal level, you will need to get the certificate and copy from the province where you are registered. Some Canadian provinces refer to the certificate of compliance as a certificate of status or good standing.

How do you request documents for federal Canadian corporations?

You will have to contact Corporations Canada to request documents. If you submit a written request, you must include the type of certificate you want, the corporations name, the corporations number, the name and phone number of the applicant, where the documents should be sent, and the fee.

How do you request certificates from a Canadian province?

If you incorporated your business in one of the Canadian provinces, you will have to contact that province to request a certificate of status/good standing or a certified copy of your articles of incorporation.

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