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Frequently Asked Questions

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  I just paid online, when do I get my registered agent information?   back to the top
When you sign up online, you get immediately transferred into your online account, where you'll find all the forms you could file with the state. They have our registered agent information already on the state PDFs. In addition to the forms, you'll see all the state agency contact info, links to things like state tax rates, name searches, how to file your annual report, how to get a certificate of good standing, and many other links you may find helpful in running your business.

Underneath the state forms you will find filing instructions, like original versus copied signature requirements, whether you can fax file, file online, or if you have to mail it in. Info like filing times and tips for getting the filings approved with the state.

  I'm confused by the sign up form.   back to the top
Most small business owners are not familiar with corporate lingo and state filing requirements. It's okay. Those ? symbols on the sign up form are full of helpful information. Just click them if you are feeling lost.

 Your sign up form asks for so many addresses, I'm confused again.   back to the top
We need your contact info and we need the company's address. If you live and work and receive mail all in one place, it can all be the same. We give you options because they could all be different.

Your contact info:
We ask for your physical address in case we need to courier documents to you (for example if you would like us to fedex original documents). We ask for your mailing address in case you have a PO Box or other address that is different from your physical address.

Public company info:
Most states ask for the company's "principal office address." This just means the physical location where its business records are kept. It's the office or place of business. Some states also ask for the company's mailing address. Again, these can be the same.

 I have a form that says it needs the signature of the registered agent. How do we do that?   back to the top
There are a few states that require original inked signatures. Usually, you can email it to us, we will sign and mail the signed form back to you. The form will have our correct legal agent name, and address on it. See our Registered Agent Signature page for more info.

  What's included in your annual registered agent fee?   back to the top
We provide our name as your registered agent, and our physical office address for your documentation with the various state agencies. We act as your registered agent for service of process, and legal requirements of doing business in the state you wish to operate in. We do this under our own name, not someone else's. For more detailed information, see our Registered Agent Costs page.

  How do I cancel my registered agent service?   back to the top
If you're going to cancel service with us, that's ok. There are no fees if you cancel service with us, unless you don't want to take care of the filing to take our name off as your agent, or to cancel your registration with the state. For more information see our How do I cancel my Registered Agent service page.

  What happens at the end of the year of my registered agent service?   back to the top
You will receive an email from us asking if you are planning to renew with us, or cancel service. If you're going to renew with us, we'll just send you another invoice, and you can pay it.

  Is the yearly registered agent fee each calendar year, or 1 year from the time I sign up with you?   back to the top
The yearly fee is for 1 year of service from the time you hire us. If you hire us on Dec 1st, 2005, you will get a renewal invoice on Dec 1st, 2006.

  Do you charge mail forwarding fees?   back to the top
We do not charge mail forwarding fees for official mail, important notices, and service of process.
If you are looking for a mail forwarding service, we do offer this from our corporate headquarters in Idaho. We do not accept personal mail or personal business mail at our registered agent offices, just official mail.

If you would like a mail forwarding plan, see our mail forwarding service page.

  Do you charge every time I get sued?   back to the top
No! Quite a few of our clients don't get more than a couple law suits a year, and most don't get any at all. We understand our role is to accept your service of process, so if you get sued every now and then, there will never be an extra forwarding fee. For more information see our service of process page.

  What if I get sued every day?   back to the top
You will be charged our $15 per item excessive forwarding charge. If you don't get sued that often, there's no charge.

  What happens when I get sued?   back to the top
You will get an email of the law suit or notification. If it's small enough, we can usually email the whole thing, or email you a link to our server where you can download the entire document.

Sometimes they come in weird or awkward to scan pages and formats. In this case, we'll email you the first few pages, so you can see what it is, who it's from, etc. and then send the entire document priority mail to you. Sometimes they are hundreds of double sided pages, and just won't scan very well.

  Do you do the filing for me?   back to the top
We sure can. However, if you've hired us for just the registered agent service, then the answer is no.

If you'd like to send your entire packet to us for us to look over for errors, we'll gladly do this.

If you'd like to hire us to prepare the entire filing for you, we charge $100 plus state filing fees.

If you are changing registered agents to us and have the filing all done, and you'd like us to "walk-in" the filing for expedited service, in some states we may be able to do this. We usually charge $150 (in some states it may be more) plus the state fees. You just have to get us the completed filing, and payment made out to the state agency.

 What is the total fee to have you form/register my business entity?   back to the top
That depends on what state you want to incorporate/register in. For more information see our cost to incorporate page.

 What are my annual fees going to be?   back to the top
That depends on what state you incorporated/registered in. For more information see our cost to keep a business page.

  What is a registered agent, and why do I actually need one?   back to the top
A registered agent is someone designated to accept service of process and official mail on your behalf. For more information see our What is a Registered Agent page.

  What is a statutory agent?   back to the top
A statutory agent is the same thing as a registered agent. It's just that some states have different lingo and terminology. States like Arizona and Ohio use the term statutory agent.

  What is a resident agent?   back to the top
A resident agent is the same thing as a registered agent. States like Michigan and Maryland use this term. It's the same thing and same service.

  How much is your registered agent service?   back to the top
Our registered agent service is $125 a year, or we'll price match any other competitors price. No cancellation fees, no hidden fees, no forwarding fees, no middle of the year fees.
1 -3 state(s): $125 a year, per entity, per state.
4-9 states $115 a year, per entity, per state.
10-50 states $100 a year, per entity, per state.
*2-4 Entities in the same state: $100 a year, per entity

  Do you price match the free registered agent websites?   back to the top
Please read our price matching policy.

 How do I form a company in the United States?   back to the top
See our information page on incorporation service for non-U.S. residents wanting to establish an LLC or corporation in the United States. For Canadian businesses, see our pages on registering a Canadian company in the US

 What are the advantages and disadvantages of forming an organization in Delaware?   back to the top

There are several reasons that many people feel are advantages to incorporating their business in Delaware. Just like anything else, there are disadvantages as well. Read more - 'Why Incorporate in Delaware.'

 What is a benefit corporation and how's it different than a normal corporation?   back to the top

Benefit corporations are a relatively new type of business entity and are now recognized in 19 states (so far). But, as with most new things, there is a lot of confusion surrounding benefit corporations. Read more for a full explanation - 'What is a benefit corporation?'

 What language is needed to include in articles of incorporation to get tax exempt status with the IRS    back to the top
See our information page on the special wording required in non profit articles of incorporation for IRS tax exempt status.

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