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Business Privacy
By Northwest Registered Agent

Your Personal Privacy Is Important

But it’s really not something that most people starting a business even consider they may be jeopardizing when forming an LLC or corporation. We’ve been working as registered agent and helping every-day people form businesses every day for many years. Our experience has helped us design a service that works to help you, and one of the ways we can help is to provide a small layer of privacy that serves as a wall between you and the spammers and scammers of the world.

Why is privacy so important?

Keeping your name out of the public info pool and off of databases keeps your personal life from your business life. Anyone who has done business knows that line between your personal life and your business life is an essential one. In order to make the best decisions, grow your enterprise, confidently invest, and remain sane through all of it, you don’t need the world knowing every business step you take. There are some things the whole world just doesn’t need a front row seat to, and if one of those is your financial and business life, we respect that and strive to achieve that level of privacy for you.

How We Establish Business Privacy For You

We List Our Address

On all business formation documents, we list our address instead of yours. Any place where we can provide our information, we do. This helps minimize displaying your private and personal information on the public record and out of open databases. Listing your email, home address and phone number in a public database with your LLC or corporation name attached doesn’t lead to good things. At best, it’s an annoyance with spam in your inbox and junk mail in your mailbox. At worst, someone finding your name and the assets you own, plotting how to take them from you.

We Only Share What’s Absolutely Necessary

Because of differences between state laws, ironclad privacy is not available in all states. That doesn’t mean that Northwest Registered Agents doesn’t do their absolute best to make sure that we only share what is absolutely necessary with the Secretary of State when we form your business. If the information isn’t required, we don’t list it.

We’re Not Sketchy

A lot of people think that trying to maintain some privacy when forming a company is for sketchy, tax-evading, weirdos who are trying to squirrel away their assets. While that may be the case for the small minority (and good luck to them because they’re gonna get caught), what we do here is give you the best registered agent and business registration service we can. We believe that those services include transparency, honesty, and straightforward information. We’re not sketchy here at Northwest Registered Agent. We just know that, in this era of technology, sharing, liking, double-tapping, online shopping, posting pictures of your food, posting pictures of your kids’ food etc. etc., there are just some things that are better done as private as possible. Business is one of those.

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