LLCs are governed by New Hampshire Statutes – Title XXVII, Chapter 304-C: Limited Liability Companies.

How do I form a New Hampshire LLC?

File Articles of Organization with the NH Department of State. Filing the articles of organization for a New Hampshire LLC will cost a $100 state filing fee.

The state of New Hampshire Department of State will take about 2 business days to process your LLC articles of organization. You have to file the LLC articles of organization by mail or in person.

What does your New Hampshire LLC service include?

  • Drafting custom New Hampshire company articles of organization.
  • We make the state filing with the NH Department of state.
  • The organizer initial resolution.
  • LLC operating agreement.
  • The LLCs state filing fees.
  • New Hampshire registered agent service.
  • Our fees are: $100 limited liability company service and $125 New Hampshire registered agent service.

What is the total New Hampshire LLC cost if I use your service?

$327 total. That includes the New Hampshire articles of organization filing fees.

Do I need a New Hampshire registered agent?

Yes. You must appoint a registered agent in your NH articles of organization.

Do I need a Federal Tax ID Number?

You will need a tax ID number if you will be hiring employees.

How much does an NH LLC cost each year?

The New Hampshire Department of state requires an LLC annual report each year. The NH annual report will cost $102 and is due every April 1st.

What are the taxes for an LLC in New Hampshire?

New Hampshire LLCs are subject to New Hampshire taxes. NH has two corporate taxes: the Business Profits Tax (BPT) and the Business Enterprise Tax (BET).

The BPT applies to businesses with gross income over $50K. The BPT rate is 8.5% of income.

The BET is assessed on corporations with gross receipts over $150K or an enterprise value tax base over $75K. The BET rate is 0.75% on the enterprise value tax base (the total compensation paid out, including dividends and interest).

New Hampshire doesn’t have income tax on wages. New Hampshire does have a 5% tax on interest and dividend income.

There is no New Hampshire sales tax.

What else do I need to know about my New Hampshire LLC?

Forming an LLC in New Hampshire is only the first of many filings you may have to make with the Secretary of State. For example:

What other LLC forms do I need?

We know that you have lots of work to do. We have taken the time to draft the following Free LLC Legal Forms so that you don’t have to. These documents are for your LLC’s internal records and are not filed with the state.

Is the New Hampshire LLC right for my business?

You may want to compare business entities before you form an LLC. We can help you learn more about New Hampshire Corporations.