Vermont Registered Agent Service

What is a Vermont registered agent?

A Vermont resident or company that maintains a physical address in the state and is willing to accept legal documents on behalf of a business. We scan and upload those documents at our office in Shelburne, VT so you can view them immediately.

Why do I need a Vermont registered agent?

  • All businesses registered with the state must appoint a registered agent.
  • The Vermont Secretary of State’s Corporation’s Division will reject your filing if you do not appoint one.
  • So that the state and the general public have a reliable way to contact your Vermont business with legal notices and other types of official mail.

Note: The Vermont Secretary of State sometimes calls registered agents “process agents,” especially in reference to LLCs. Both terms mean the same thing.

What do Vermont registered agents do?

Your Vermont registered agent should provide tools to help you maintain your business.

  • Vermont registered agents must have a physical address in Vermont.
  • Be open during normal business hours.
  • Accept important legal documents on your business’ behalf—and get them to you.

What are the requirements for Vermont registered agents?

According to the Vermont state code (11A V.S.A. § 5.01), a registered agent must:

  • Be able to accept legal documents.
  • Have a physical, registered office address located within the state. No P.O. Boxes.
  • A VT registered agent must be a Vermont resident or a business that provides registered agent services.

How do I get my service of process from you?

When a process servicer delivers service of process for your business, we sign for it and immediately scan and upload it to your online account. Then we notify you that you should log into securely view the document. For more information on how we provide real time service, check out our Registered Agent Infographic.

How do I change my Vermont registered agent?

It costs $25 to file a change of agent form for your Vermont registered agent. The Vermont change of registered agent form is in your online account after you sign up with us.

Who needs a registered agent in Vermont?

Anyone forming a Vermont limited liability company or a corporation in Vermont.

Should I hire a registered agent in Vermont before or after I do my filing?

Sign up for registered agent service first and then do your business registration filing with the secretary of state. The state won’t allow you to form an LLC or corporation without a registered agent. Plus, you’ll find all the forms and instructions you need to complete your filing instantly after you sign up.

How do I search for a Vermont company’s registered agent?

  • You can do a Vermont business name search on the state’s website
  • Type in the company name you are trying to look up.
  • Look at the VT registered agent name and registered office street address.

If you want to legally notify someone through their Vermont registered agent service, just send a certified letter directly to the registered agent name and registered office address.

 Info your VT registered agent should help you know and understand:

  • Domestic corporations cost $125 to file.
  • Foreign corporation Certificate of Authority costs $125.
  • Domestic and foreign LLCs cost $125 to file.
  • Domestic and foreign LLCs and corporations all require a registered agent in Vermont.
  • All filings need to have original inked signatures on them. They will take about 5-7 days to get filed, and there’s no expedite option. There is no fax filing or online filing. You need to mail the filing in. Your registered agent in Vermont does not need to sign the filing.

All corporations and LLCs that are taxed as a partnership, S-corp, or C-corp, have to pay a minimum $200 a year fee to the department of revenue. If you are a single member LLC taxed as a sole proprietor, you can avoid this tax.

Foreign entities wishing to qualify to do business in Vermont need a certificate of good standing from their home state of incorporation dated within 30 days, and it needs to be an original. If you do not know what this is, or don’t want to deal with it, you can hire Northwest Registered Agent to get this for you, or look in our resources menu.

Why your life will be better if you hire us:

Starting your business is hard enough. Then you find out about this registered agent requirement, which means you have to spend more time and money… We get it, hiring a Vermont registered agent seems like just another hoop to jump through so you can actually get started running your business. But the way we do it, this is actually an opportunity to make everything a little easier! We provide everything you need to start and maintain your business in Vermont. Here is what we do:

  • Vermont business filings can be confusing. Most people struggle with their business filings. We do this every day and we can help! We provide all the forms, filing instructions, and tips you may need in your online account immediately after sign up.
  • Just call us! Don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can answer any questions you have about forming a Vermont business entity. You’ll never get a sales person on the other end, because we don’t have any!
  • This is only the beginning. Corporations, LLCs, and non-profits registered in Vermont have to file an annual report in order to stay in good standing. You may file the report online or print the form and mail it. The due date for corporations and LLCs is based on your fiscal year end. For non-profits, the report is due April 1st every other year. Since this can get confusing (especially when you are registered in multiple different states) we provide annual report reminders. You will always have a heads up when your report is due.
  • Free tools. Not only do we provide all the forms, information, and reminders you need to stay compliant with  the state, we also give you access to our own templates for  annual meetings, amendments, etc. You only have to input your data once and we  use it to  prepopulate the forms for your use, for free!

What makes Northwest different from other registered agent websites?

  • Big Data. You shouldn’t trust just anyone with your private details. But we don’t store your credit card. We don’t sell your data to others to make extra money. And we test our systems frequently to make sure your data is safe.
  • This is serious! We do things a little differently here. We are a medium size registered agent service. What this means for you is that we  have offices in every state, but we aren’t so huge that we get more notices than we can handle each day. so we are the only national registered agent service that scans and uploads your  documents to your online account in real time. No delays. No forwarding fees. We receive your documents at our office in Shelburne, VT and you get notified to login and view them  immediately. Our notification system is designed to make sure you actually see your documents.
  • Privacy. You should make this decision carefully.  Our stringent privacy practices and in-house data security professionals keep your data private. We stress test our own systems regularly, and we prosecute people who try to hack us. Our staff is specially trained not to give out your personal or business details.
  • Collections. We talk to new clients all the time  who are looking for a registered agent who won’t charge them outrageous fees for everything from forwarding documents, to late payment fees . We don’t send our clients to collections. If you don’t pay us, we simply assume you no longer want our service. Our trademarked slogan is “We’re Just Not Annoying.” This is our entire company policy.
  • We obviously think pretty highly of ourselves, but this is all we do. We know you have options. But we think we provide the best service out there. we have spent years focusing on offering the most efficient and high quality registered agent service. Meanwhile, our competitors have chosen to focus  on building armies of salespeople. Now, they make an awful lot of money, but that business model is not for us. We care about what we do, so our clients are never just a number.

Registered Agent VT Service Includes:

  1. Instant registered agent services annual price: $125.
  2. Instant Vermont forms located directly in your online account to make a filing in Vermont.
  3. State resources in your registered agent service account, with self-filing instructions to help you.
  4. We send multiple annual report reminders, and you can also track your due dates in your online account.
  5. We locally scan ‘service of process’ and all documents to you in real-time for no added cost.
  6. And, most importantly…We’re just not annoying™.

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