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Business Phone Number

An all-in-one business phone system at an affordable monthly cost.

Business and personal communications shouldn’t live in the same place. With Northwest Phone Service, they don’t have to. For only $9 a month, get a dedicated local business line you can put to use on any device, plus advanced features to help you stay productive. Sign up in minutes, customize your number—and go close that sale.

Do I Need a Business Phone Number?

A lot of entrepreneurs use their personal numbers for their businesses. But now that our whole lives are on our phones, this is starting to change. Listing your mobile number on your website, social media and business cards can land you on robocall lists and give hackers a way in—until your private information is no longer private. If you want to avoid intrusive spam calls and keep your data safe, setting up an independent business line is a crucial step.

A dedicated number also gives your customers a simple way to get in touch, while helping to paint a picture of professionalism and success. When you’re unavailable, clients and leads will reach a company voicemail greeting, rather than your personal one. And since you’ll know right away which calls are business-related, you’ll be ready to answer with a smile.

Ready for a business phone number? Head Northwest for a no-strings-attached, 60-day trial of our monthly Phone Service—or keep reading to learn more.

A Business Phone System That’s Actually Business-Friendly

Every dollar counts when you’re building a business from the ground up. Our in-house Phone Service gives you the communication tools you actually need, without hurting your bottom line. Here’s a look at what’s included.

Local Credibility

Email, schmemail—9 times out of 10, your local business number is what your customers will reach for. Build a professional presence in your community with the right area code and a unique outbound Caller ID.

Unlimited Calls, Texts & Voicemail

Good communication is the cornerstone of any business relationship. Use your Northwest number to talk and text as much you need to, without stressing over limits or fees.

Desktop & Mobile Friendly

Stay organized and connected all day—no matter where work takes you. Make calls from your office computer with the desktop portal, and use Corporate Phone® (our new mobile app) on the go.

Instant Service

Ready to shred your old business cards (the ones with your personal number) and print some new ones? We can set you up with a working business number in minutes.

Real-Time Support

Don’t waste time talking to a robot—you’ve got calls to make! Get quickly connected to one of our Corporate Guides® whenever you have a question.

How To Get a Business Phone Number

You could carry around a second cell phone (oof) or get a dual-SIM Android phone. But many business owners are going with a low-maintenance, high-tech solution: the VoIP phone number.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) numbers are internet-powered phone numbers that work on your existing phone, laptop, desktop or tablet. In addition to the ordinary phone functions you’d expect—calling, texting, and voicemail—VoIP phone lines provide added perks, like visual voicemail, auto-attendant, downloadable messages and call forwarding.

We’re a certified VoIP provider and can set you up with a professional phone number in less than 5 minutes. Here’s how to get started.

Sign Up For Northwest Phone Service

You can add a 60-day Phone Service trial to any other Northwest offering (including registered agent service and business formation service) at checkout. Either way, your price is just $9 per month—and there’s no need to sign a contract.

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Set Up Your Local Business Number

Upon signing up you’ll receive instant access to your desktop app, where you’ll be prompted to select an area code (from any state) and choose your new local number. Then you’ll download Corporate Phone®, our free mobile app, available for iOS and Android.

Once you’ve set up the basics, you can click on the Settings tab of your desktop app and start customizing. Set up a professional voicemail greeting, configure your call forwarding, choose a custom ringtone and more.

Start Using Your New Phone Line

Go to Dial to make a call, hit Messages to send a text, or start adding people to your easy-to-edit Contacts board.

Have questions? Call our Corporate Guides! We’re more than happy to help you get the most out of your brand new business line.

Northwest Phone Service FAQs

What will my business number look like when I make calls?

The phrase “VoIP number” probably sounds a little nebulous, but don’t let it throw you. When you use Northwest Phone Service to place a call, your clients, leads and business contacts will see an ordinary local number. If you decide to add your business name to your outbound Caller ID, they’ll see that too.

Do I have to pay by the minute?

Nope! Because it’s entirely internet-powered, our Phone Service isn’t based on minutes or data usage. Your phone bill from us will always be the same—a flat fee of $9 a month.

Can I add my business number to directory assistance?

Yes—you can let us know you’d like your Northwest number to be publicly available under your Caller ID settings. Once you do so, your company’s name and number will be added to your local Yellow Pages. Old-fashioned advertising!

Do I have to sign a contract?

No. Your monthly phone subscription is contract-free and you can cancel anytime without additional fees.

Do I need to purchase additional software?

Nope. You can instantly access your phone line from any web browser—without installing any additional software—and our mobile app, Corporate Phone®, is free to download. Your flat fee of $9 a month includes everything you need to use your business phone line.

Can I have more than one business phone number?

Yes! Northwest Phone Service was designed to grow along with your business.

You can add a second (or 10th) business line at any point, from within your client account. The price is just $9 per number, so you’ll be able scale up your communications whenever your business requires it.

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