West Virginia Registered Agent Service

What is a West Virginia registered agent?

  • A West Virginia resident or business that maintains a registered office address in West Virginia and is willing to accept service of process and official mail on behalf of a business.
  • The agent must be capable of accepting service of any process, notice, or demand required by law to be served on a business.

Why do I need a West Virginia registered agent?

Mostly because the West Virginia Secretary of State won’t let you form your business without a registered agent! The reason for this requirement is to make sure that every business in West Virginia can be served legal documents in the state.

What are the requirements for West Virginia registered agents?

Whether your business is a West Virginia LLC, West Virginia corporation, or other business registered with the Secretary of State,  the registered agent requirements are the same. According to West Virginia state statute §31D-5-501, registered agents must:

  • Be a state resident or a person authorized to transact business in the state.
  • Accept legal documents (service of process) during normal business hours.

How do I change my West Virginia registered agent?

You can file a change form or change your agent when you file your annual report with the state.

It costs $15 to change your West Virginia registered agent.

How do I find a West Virginia company’s registered agent?

  • You can do a West Virginia business name search on the state’s website
  • Type in the company name you are trying to look up.
  • Look at the WV registered agent name and registered office street address.

If you want to legally notify someone through their registered agent service, just send a certified letter directly to the registered agent name and registered office address.

How do I get my documents from you?

We LOCALLY scan ALL items into your online account for your instant viewing.

We believe we stand out from other West Virginia registered agents because of how fast we provide West Virginia registered agent service initially, and ongoing. If you would like more details about how we provide real time registered agent service, check out our Registered Agent Infographic.

Info your WV registered agent should help you know and understand:

  • Domestic corporations cost $50 to file articles of incorporation. You can appoint your WV registered agent right on the articles.
  • Domestic West Virginia LLCs cost $100 to file articles of organization. A West Virginia registered agent is required.
  • Foreign corporations cost $100 to register.
  • Foreign LLCs cost $150 to register. West Virginia registered agent is required.

West Virginia filings take about 24 hours to get completed. Signatures do not need to be originals. Your registered agent does not need to sign the filings. You can fax any filing into the state with a credit card, or use their online system.

If you are registering a foreign entity, you need a certificate of good standing from your home state dated within 1 year.

Why your life will be better if you hire us:

  • We’ll help you with your business filing. We do this for a living. And since you probably don’t, you may become frustrated or overwhelmed with your incorporation filing. We do this type of filing every day. We know how complicated it can be, so we provide you with all the state forms and filing instructions after you sign up for our registered agent service.
  • Call us! We’re here to help! We would be glad to talk you through whatever problems you may have with your West Virginia business filing. We have an office full of people who do these filings for a living. You will never get a sales person when you call us, because we don’t have any! The people answering our phones are just here to help.
  • We have the most sophisticated business compliance reminder system in the industry. Once you have formed your business in West Virginia, you are just getting started. West Virginia corporations, LLCs, non profits, and LPs have annual reports due to the West Virginia Secretary of State. The reports are due on June 1st and cost $25 to file. These reports are mailed tot he principal address listed with the Secretary of State. When you hire Northwest, you get annual report filing reminds for every state in which you have hired us for registered agent service. Our reminders are based on state specific data, so if state laws or requirements change, you will know about it. When it’s time to file your West Virginia reports, we provide you with the links and forms you need to file—without tacking on any fees.
  • We offer free tools. When you sign up for our registered agent service, you get more from us than just an annual invoice to pay. We provide free online software that will help you maintain your West Virginia business. We’ll give you all the forms you need to maintain your corporation, limited liability company (LLC), LLP, charity, nonprofit, or any other type of West Virginia business. Simply enter you company’s data once and we will use it to populate all kinds of different forms like annual meeting, new registrations in other states, and any amendments you need to make to your corporation or LLC.

How is Northwest different from other registered agent services?

  • We don’t store your credit card information. We never sell your personal details.
  • We take this seriously. Choosing a registered agent is a big decision. You should choose one who takes that role as seriously as you do. One mix up can cause big problems for your business. We are the only national registered agent service that locally scans every document and lawsuit into your online account in real time. Since we have offices in every state, we are able to scan every item as it comes in. We receive your documents at our Hinton, WV office and scan them immediately for you to view. We don’t have a national hub. We don’t forward docs via snail mail. We make sure you get notified and actually log in and view your documents. If you’d like, we can also arrange to call and mail you notices until you look at your documents.
  • Privacy. You should know about the company’s privacy policy. When you use our online signup, you are hiring Northwest to be your registered agent. That’s a big responsibility! So if anyone contacts us looking for you or information on your business, our staff is trained to keep your info private. We even have in-house, data-security professionals who stress test our system regularly to make sure your data is safe and secure.
  • Collections. We hear from new clients all the time who are switching to Northwest Registered Agent because of their former registered agent’s unfair billing practices. We keep the same low price every year and we never send our clients to collections. Our trademarked slogan is “We’re Just Not Annoying” and we take it to heart.
  • This isn’t just our job, it’s our passion. Okay, so we think we are pretty good at what we do. This is because we really are experts in our field. Our aim is to give you a better service than our competitors and it is really not even close. We are not some mega corporation that sees you as a potential profit. Registered agent service is our lives, and we’re great at it.

Registered Agent WV Service Includes:

  1. Instant registered agent services annual price: $125.
  2. Instant West Virginia forms located directly in your online account to make a filing in West Virginia.
  3. State resources in your registered agent service account, with self-filing instructions to help you.
  4. We send multiple annual report reminders, and you can also track your due dates in your online account.
  5. We locally scan ‘service of process’ and all documents to you in real-time for no added cost.
  6. And, most importantly…We’re just not annoying™.

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