How to amend LLC articles of organization

If you need to make a change with your LLC, the typical way to do so, would be to file LLC articles of amendment. Further known as “Articles of Amendment” If you have a corporation and you’re needing to make a change to your articles of incorporation, please see our amending articles of incorporation page.

You can make a change to your LLC records with the state in a number of ways:

  1. File articles of amendment
  2. Re-state your articles of formation
  3. Some states allow you to just make the change when you file your annual report

Regardless, you should amend your LLC operating agreement as well.

Please take advantage of our FREE LLC articles of amendment templates we provide. There are three terms the various states use for what most call “Articles of organization.” Please see our Articles of Organization page to find what your state calls it.

This form needs to be filed with the governing agency for LLCs in your state. You can look up contact mailing info on our Secretary of State page.

Please feel free to utilize our articles of amendment templates:
Amendment to LLC Articles of Organization
Amendment to LLC Certificate of Formation
Amendment to LLC Certificate of Organization

Download: Amendment to LLC Articles of Organization

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