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Free LLC Legal Form Downloads

Do Business the Right Way

Below you’ll find all the forms you need to create and maintain your limited liability company (LLC). And if over the course of your business’ lifetime, the need arises to make an amendment or resolution, or even sell your LLC, we have those forms here for you too, all free of charge.

LLC Organizational Documents

LLC Articles of Organization for any state.

LLC Articles of Organization for your LLC in Guam.

Initial Meeting and Capitalization of the LLC

If your LLC holds annual meetings, use this meeting minutes template to track it.

A limited liability company operating agreement for any state.

Limited liability operating agreement for LLCs with only one member.

Limited liability operating agreement for any state specifically written for a manager-managed LLC.

Limited liability operating agreement for any state specifically written for a multiple member-managed LLC.

Document initial contributions to the LLC by all members using either the LLC’s operating agreement or this LLC capital contribution template.

A limited liability company membership certificate.

Get an EIN for LLC

Open a Bank Account for an LLC

Forms to Maintain an LLC

LLC Members can use this document to make resolutions for the limited liability company.

Managers of an LLC that have been granted authority by its members can make resolutions using this form.

Make changes to your LLC’s Articles of Organization, Certificate of Formation, or Certificate of Organization using these Articles of Amendment templates.

Amend your LLC’s operating agreement at any time with this form.

If you’re looking to fund an LLC with personal assets in exchange for membership interest, use this template to show their value as a contribution to initial capital.

If you want to sell your LLC, you can sell your membership interest in the LLC using this bill of sale template.

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In addition to the resources we have for your LLC, we also have free legal forms for corporations and nonprofits.

Do Business The Right Way