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LLC Member Resolution Template

An LLC member resolution is the written record of a member vote authorizing a specific business action. Formal resolutions aren’t necessary for small, everyday decisions. However, they’re useful for granting authority to members to transact significant business actions, such as taking out a loan on behalf of the LLC. We offer LLC member resolutions that you can use for free.


LLC Member Resolutions – Free Template

Please enjoy our LLC resolution template. It’s free for you to use to formally record the adoption of any resolutions the members of your LLC feel are necessary to document. Like all our forms, this template is for individual use.

Need a different template? We also have other LLC resolution forms, including manager resolutions and resolutions to open a business bank account.

Why do I need LLC resolutions?

Unlike corporations, LLCs aren’t required by state laws to make resolutions—however, there are situations in which formal resolutions come in handy.

First, other businesses or agencies sometimes require resolutions. For instance, say you want to open a bank account, lease a vehicle on behalf of your LLC, or enter into a contract with another business. The bank, dealership, lender or other business may require you to prove you have the authority to do so with a resolution that specifically gives you that power.

Another reason to make a resolution is to record a major purchase or change in the business. For instance, if you plan to buy a building, formally recording the decisive vote is a good idea. If there’s fallout later on (say, members claim that the LLC paid too much for the property or didn’t properly consult members), the LLC would have a written description of what was voted on and when, signed by a sufficient number of members indicating approval of the decision.

What should LLC member resolutions include?

Member resolutions don’t have to be complicated. The most important part is a clear, detailed description of the resolution itself. Our form takes care of the rest, providing places for the name of the LLC, member names and signatures, dates signed, and a statement that the acts described have been approved, ratified and adopted.

Does Northwest have any other LLC forms?

We do! We have templates for operating agreements, membership certificates and more. Or choose “LLC Forms” for a complete list of free forms we offer for LLCs.

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