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Yes Greasy Mustache Hipster Barista Man – you make a good americano

I tried the new Vault coffee shop in CDA about 4:30 to wake up for a drive back to Spokane. I asked if the coffee was fresh, and a friendly little hipster mustache barista man truthfully informed me that it wasn’t. They close in a half hour, and they have not taken the Starbucks stance that there should always be a fresh cup of coffee if you actually have a coffee shop.  I was immediately drawn to this little hipster mustache man for his honesty and integrity to a fellow hot coffee enthusiast as myself. Thank you hipster man, for not serving me a warm cup of coffee. You know that’s crap, and thanks for not doing it. So he said, “I make a killer americano dude”. I looked at him in silence for a few seconds. This claim has been made to me many times before, but this little hipster has quite the greasy mustache. I find myself thinking that this hipster looks familiar, like he was one of the resident hipsters at the last coffee house to reside at 4th and Sherman. I remember there was an epic period of hipster barista men at Java, but I thought all the hardcore hipsters went to Coeur in Spokane, but maybe this little hipstery guy was one of those hipsters?

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Best thing about Winter in Spokane

I don’t think the City of Spokane actually has a snow removal plan, and I was realizing a silver lining benefit to our lack of snowplowing in Spokane.

The snow actually kind of fills in the potholes… See we have been all getting mad at the City of Spokane for letting our streets go to third world country status, but maybe it’s all in the city’s plan.

Don’t waste money fixing roads and potholes.

Don’t waste money plowing snow, let it fill in the potholes and cracks in the road!

Brilliant!!  The city saving our tax dollars.

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Why I’m worried about the US economy in 2014


Why I’m worried about the US economy in 2014

Quite simply put; taxes are going up 50%+ for the rich in 2013. These people probably don’t even know it yet. They have been living an awesome existence without a lot of concerns for many years.  The rich people of the US will go into their CPAs in the next few months and get quite a shock that the ride isn’t as nice as it’s been for a long time.

Anyone that knows me, knows I firmly believe that the uber-rich and small business owners drive our entire economy.

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Registered Agent Service for “The Frozen Ground” Movie

The-Frozen-Ground-movie-posterHere at Northwest Registered Agent we have finally dipped our toes into the acting pool with a credit in a major Hollywood motion picture. We had the exciting opportunity to provide registered agent services for “The Frozen Ground,” which was released Friday by Lionsgate and stars Nicolas Cage, John Cusack, and Vanessa Hudgens, and was filmed on location in Alaska. We’re excited for the movie to come to Spokane so we can go see it together as a company. There’s even a possibility that we become so drunk on fame after seeing our name in lights that we move to Hollywood together in order to pursue our burgeoning acting careers and perhaps a Northwest Registered Agent reality show. Would you watch? We already have other strong connections in Hollywood—just look at our post about Kim and Kanye naming their baby after our business…so thoughtful! If you use Northwest Registered Agent as the registered agent for your business, we will even remember to thank you in our Oscar speech and you can say you knew us when.

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Will Delaware’s Benefit Corporations Benefit You?

As of August 1, you can now form a public benefit corporation in Delaware, which makes these relatively new corporate entities (originally created in Maryland in 2010) legitimate. Delaware is home to most US corporations, including nearly two-thirds of the Fortune 500. For a new corporate structure Delaware’s official recognition is a huge stamp of approval.

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Answers to your starting a business questions

We answer a ton of questions daily.

We get questions from veteran business owners, and people just starting out. We get all kinds of questions, ranging from the elementary to the complex. We use our vast experience to answer our client’s questions correctly.

Questions and Answers

What are some of the types of questions we answer?

One of the most often asked questions has to do with entity types. People want to know which we consider the better choice, a corporation or an LLC. As nice as it would be to have a definitive answer, conditions change from state to state. You may decide an LLC works for you in Delaware, but not in New York for instance. It ultimately comes down to a personal choice, but you have to admit it is a whole lot easier to make a decision if you aware of all the little details.

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No Time Like The Present

Matt Cutts has decided to start his year by taking some time off.

Taking time off is a double edge sword. There are benefits to taking some time off, and some real benefits to staying in the fight and getting things done.

  • The good thing about taking some time off is you can get some things done. For example, there is that deep house cleaning you have been meaning to get to, and didn’t your house need painting?
  • If that sounds more like work than the work you are doing maybe staying in bed is more your style. Just lie there for a while. Feel better yet?
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