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How To Change Your Registered Agent In Alabama

To change your registered agent in Alabama, you must complete and file a Change of Registered Agent form with the Business Services Division of the Alabama Secretary of State. The Alabama Change of Registered Agent form costs $100 to file, plus any credit card processing or expediting fees if applicable. When you hire Northwest to be your new registered agent, we will file your Alabama change of registered agent paperwork for you and pay the state filing fee.

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How To File The Change Of Registered Agent Or Registered Office By Email

If you would like to change your registered agent in Alabama yourself, the easiest way is to download and complete the Change of Registered Agent form and submit it by email. We recommend this because it will be immediately received by the Alabama SOS and will then only take only 3-5 days to process, whereas mail filings can take longer. The form must be typed or laser printed as the Alabama SOS will not accept any handwritten documents. Step-by-step instructions are below—but note that if you hire Northwest for our registered agent service, you can just as well stop reading now. We’ll handle the state filing for you and pay your filing fee.

Once you have downloaded the form you will need to type in the following information to change your registered agent:

1. List Your Alabama entity ID number.

2. List the name of your business entity.

3. List the name of your current registered agent.

4. List the name of your new registered agent.

5. List the address of your new registered agent.

6. Sign the document.

7. Have your new registered agent sign the document consenting to their appointment.

8. Fill out your credit card information. The filing fee is $100, not including any fees for credit card processing, expediting, or acknowledgement copies .

9. Scan and email your completed document to the Alabama SOS. Boom, you’ve got a new Alabama registered agent!

To ensure your former agent’s service and obligations come to a full stop, check out our Alabama registered agent resignation page.

Changing Your Alabama Registered Agent FAQs

How Much Does It Cost To Change Your Alabama Registered Agent?

The filing fee to change your registered agent in Alabama is $100. If you wish to receive a copy mailed back with approval (known as an acknowledgment copy,) it’s another $3, and for expedited processing, an additional $100.

How Long Does It Take To Change Your Registered Agent In Alabama?

The processing time for changing your registered agent in Alabama can take 3-5 days once they have received your filing and payment. You can speed this process up by choosing expedited processing for an extra $100, and/or by emailing or faxing your form to the Alabama SOS. If you choose to expedite your processing the Alabama SOS will process it the same day that it is received.

What Different Ways Can I Change My Alabama Registered Agent?

You can change your registered agent in Alabama by downloading and completing the Change of Registered Agent form, typing in your information and either:

  1. Scanning and emailing it to the Alabama SOS.
  2. Mailing it in duplicate to the Alabama SOS.
  3. Faxing it to the SOS.
  4. Filing it in-person at the SOS office in Montgomery.

Or, if your need for a new Alabama registered agent falls within January 1st to March 15th, you can just update the agent that you have listed on your Alabama Annual Report that you will have to fill out anyways.

Can I Change My Alabama Registered Agent Online?

Although there is no customary webportal for electronically filing a change of registered agent in Alabama, you can email a completed form to the SOS, much to the same effect.

Can I Be My Own Registered Agent?

Yes, it is possible to be your own registered agent in Alabama. Note, however, that you’ll need to be available to accept documents during regular business hours, and your name and address will become part of the permanent public record of your business.

How Do I Find My Alabama Entity ID Number?

Your Alabama Entity ID number can be found on your approved formation/incorporation document, or by conducting a business search on the Alabama SOS website.

Do I Need To Notify My Old Agent When I Change Agents?

After you have selected a new Alabama registered agent, it is not required that you alert your old agent. However, we think it’s a good idea to do so anyways, primarily so they know to stop billing you.

Expect more from a Registered Agent

If you are already looking to change your registered agent in Alabama, Northwest Registered Agent has got you covered. We offer an array of services for your business that are included in our flat annual fee, and the price never goes up, ever. Switch your Alabama registered agent to Northwest, and we’ll file your Change of Registered Agent and we’ll pay your filing fee.

  1. Instant registered agent services annual price: $125.
  2. Instant Alabama forms located directly in your online account to make a filing in Alabama.
  3. State resources in your registered agent service account, with self-filing instructions to help you.
  4. We send multiple annual report reminders, and you can also track your due dates in your online account.
  5. We locally scan ‘service of process’ and all documents to you in real-time for no added cost.
  6. And, most importantly…We’re just not annoying™.

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