You form Connecticut LLCs by filing articles of organization with the CT Secretary of State.

What is required to file Connecticut LLC Articles of organization?

To form a Connecticut LLC, you file Connecticut LLC articles of organization. The Connecticut articles of organization cost $120 to the Connecticut Secretary of State. These LLC articles can be basic or complicated. We custom draft your Connecticut LLC articles of organization when you hire Northwest to do your Connecticut LLC registration, but if you’d like to save some money, you could just hire us as your CT registered agent, and then we supply you all the correct forms to file and filing instructions in your online account immediately.

The basic Connecticut LLC requirements are:

  • The business name must have a LLC ending or variation of it
  • The LLCs name must be different than already registered Connecticut companies
  • The purpose or business of the Connecticut LLC
  • Indicate if the LLC is to be managed by managers
  • List the name, title, and address of at least one member or manager
  • The principal office address of the CT LLC needs to be a physical address. However, you may list a PO box as the LLCs mailing address
  • The Connecticut registered agent name and physical address
  • The CT registered agent needs to sign the articles to accept the appointment
  • The Connecticut organizer must sign and date

Connecticut does not require original signatures on filings. The registered Connecticut LLC paperwork will be mailed to the filer listed on the articles.

What’s the actual process to start a Connecticut LLC?

  1. Connecticut LLC registration is started when you file the articles of organization for a Connecticut LLC with the Secretary of State.
  2. You obtain a federal tax ID number with the IRS after you have confirmation from Connecticut that the LLC is completely filed.
  3. You should be able to open a LLC banking account with these two items.
  4. You register your Connecticut LLC with the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services or Connecticut Department of Labor if you’re going to have employees or need to withhold sales tax.
  5. You obtain a trade license, if you actually need one. (Most businesses don’t.) Links and contact information for the CT Licensing Info Center are available in your online account.
  6. You obtain a local city or county general license, if you need one.
  7. You obtain a local trade license, if the city or county you’re going to be working in requires it.
  8. If you’re going to have an office or shop, you might need an approval from the city zoning for your type of business in that location.

Are you a do-it-yourselfer? You can save some money:

If you want to form an Connecticut LLC yourself, you can just hire us as your Connecticut registered agent, and you’ll instantly have the Connecticut LLC forms to file and the filing instructions on the quickest, cheapest, and most efficient way to file an Connecticut LLC. You’ll get the ongoing support of our online tools, compliance reminders (including yourConnecticut annual reports), and the support of a professional Connecticut LLC agent service.

How do I form a Connecticut LLC?

Form an LLC in Connecticut by filing articles of organization with the CT Secretary of State. It will cost  $120 to file CT  LLC articles of organization. The Connecticut Secretary of State is in charge of filing Connecticut LLCs, and it will take 3-5 business days to process your Connecticut limited liability company articles of organization. You can fax your filing to the CT SOS if you include their credit card fax sheet.

What does your Connecticut LLC service include?

  • Drafting custom Connecticut company articles of organization.
  • We make the state filing with the CT Secretary of State.
  • The organizer initial resolution.
  • Connecticut limited liability company operating agreement.
  • The Connecticut LLCs state filing fees.
  • Connecticut registered agent service.
  • Our fees are: $100 Connecticut limited liability company service and $125 Connecticut registered agent service.

What is the total cost to have you form my CT LLC?

$345 for a Connecticut limited liability company and that includes the states Connecticut LLC filing fee.

Any CT company expedited options?

You can pay the CT Secretary of State an extra $50 for 24 hour processing.

Do I need a CT registered agent?

You have to list a Connecticut registered agent in your articles of organization.

Sign up for our registered agent service and we provide access to Connecticut forms and filing instructions in your online account. Plus we scan and upload all documents in real time!

Do I need a Federal Tax ID Number?

You will need an FEIN if you are going to have employees.

How much does a CT LLC cost each year?

Connecticut LLCs have to file a CT annual report by the end of the month that you initially filed in. The annual report will cost $20 for limited liability companies.

What are the Connecticut LLC taxes?

Your CT LLC is subject to Connecticut taxes.

The Connecticut personal net income tax rate(s) are:
$0-10,000      3%
$10,000+        5%

The average Connecticut sales tax rate is 6%.

What else to I need to know about my Connecticut LLC?

We can help you with more than just forming a Connecticut LLC. We have a ton of helpful LLC information, including:

What other LLC documents/forms will I need?

We provide a variety of Free LLC Forms that cover everything, from starting your LLC, to selling your LLC.

Is a Connecticut LLC right for my business?

Want to compare entities? See our Connecticut Corporation page.