Kansas Registered Agent Service

Info your KS registered agent should help you know and understand:

  • A domestic Kansas corporation can be filed online and will cost you $90. You must appoint a registered agent in Kansas.
  • A domestic Kansas LLC will cost $165 if filed online. You can appoint your registered agent in Kansas through the online process.
  • A foreign corporation will cost $115 to file, and you can only mail or fax it in. A registered agent in Kansas is required.
  • A foreign LLC will cost $165, and you can only fax or mail the filing in. You will need a Kansas resident agent. We recommend fax filing, because it’s easy and quick – just put your credit card info on the cover sheet.

Our Kansas resident agent address is a commercial office in Wichita. There are many registered agents with home addresses in Kansas. You can look up your prospective agent’s address on google street view to see who you are really dealing with.

The Kansas Secretary of State will take about 2 days to complete a filing. There isn’t an expedite service, but with 1 day processing sometimes (if they aren’t backed up) who needs it. Your registered agent does not have to sign your filing, you just have to notify us and put our name and address on the filing.

Foreign business entities usually need a KS registered agent service, because they might not have a physical location in Kansas. You will need to get a certificate of good standing from your home state of incorporation that is less than 90 days old. It also needs to be an original, unless you fax-file.

Annual reports are due every year, and cost $50 online, and $55 by paper. There is no reminder given by the Kansas Secretary of State. They are due 4½ months after your fiscal end of your accounting year. For most businesses this would be April 15th.

To change your Kansas registered agent, you will need to fill out a change of agent form that costs $35.

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Registered Agent Kansas Service Includes:

  1. Instant registered agent services annual price: $125.
  2. Instant Kansas forms located directly in your online account to make a filing in Kansas.
  3. State resources in your registered agent service account, with self-filing instructions to help you.
  4. We send multiple annual report reminders, and you can also track your due dates in your online account.
  5. We locally scan ‘service of process’ and all documents to you in real-time for no added cost.
  6. And, most importantly…We’re just not annoying™.

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