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Info your NH registered agent should help you know and understand:

  • A domestic New Hampshire corporation will cost $50 to file form 11 (RSA – A:2.02), plus another $50 for the SRA filing. (statement of Compliance with New Hampshire Securities Laws) In New Hampshire, the state defines a security as an ownership interest in a business. Most people and their businesses can claim an exemption to the registration process with the New Hampshire Bureau of Securities Regulation. The basic common exemptions to this registration are: Not having more than 10 business owners, not advertising a sale of the ownership of a business, and if you don’t plan on selling the ownership of the company within 60 days of formation or registration.
  • A domestic New Hampshire LLC will cost you $100 total to file form NH LLC-1, and you’ll have to appoint a registered agent in New Hampshire in the articles of organization.
  • To register a foreign LLC in New Hampshire, you’ll have to file an application for registration as a foreign limited liability company (Form FLLC-1) for $100 You’ll need to have a registered agent in New Hampshire to complete this filing.
  • To register an out of state corporation in New Hampshire, you’ll need to submit an application for certificate of authority for a profit foreign corporation (Form 40) for $100. You will also need a registered agent in New Hampshire.
  • You must mail in your filings with the New Hampshire Secretary of State. All filings require original inked signatures. Your registered agent is not required to sign your filing, but you do need to let your agent know you intend on using them. You just need to list our name and address on your filing.
  • The state will take 7-14 days to process your filing. There is no way to expedite the filings in NH.
  • All New Hampshire business entities must file a SRA addendum to business organization and registration forms to comply with the New Hampshire securities laws. This form costs $50, and must be submitted at the same time of the filings.

The New Hampshire Secretary of State governs all the corporate and business entity filings done in New Hampshire. You’ll find all their contact information in your online account when you sign up for registered agent service with us, along with all the pre-populated forms in your online account instantly.

New Hampshire is particular about punctuation on qualifications of foreign entities. The punctuation needs to match the certificate of good standing from your home state exactly. The certificate needs to be dated within 60 days, AND needs to be an original. NH would prefer you use black ink or have the paperwork typed. In New Hampshire, Limited or the abbreviation “LTD” is a corporate ending, not an LLC ending.

Annual reports are due on April 1st. Reminders will be mailed to your principal address. All reports cost $100 to file.

It costs $15 to change your New Hampshire registered agent by filing a change of agent form.

We take the role of being your registered agent very seriously. If you’ll take a look at our website you’ll find more helpful information about running and operating a business in NH than any other site you could possibly find. We spend a lot of time and resources providing our clients with helpful tools and research. Plus we’re always here if you just want to call or email us with questions.

Registered Agent New Hampshire Service Includes:

  1. Instant registered agent services annual price: $125.
  2. Instant New Hampshire forms located directly in your online account to make a filing in New Hampshire.
  3. State resources in your registered agent service account, with self-filing instructions to help you.
  4. We send multiple annual report reminders, and you can also track your due dates in your online account.
  5. We locally scan 'service of process' and all documents to you in real-time for no added cost.
  6. And, most importantly...We're just not annoying™.
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