Wyoming Registered Agent Service

Why do I need a Wyoming registered agent?

According to Wyoming state law (W.S. 17-28-101), business entities formed with the Wyoming secretary of state must appoint a registered agent. Like registered agent acts throughout the country, the law is built on the notion of due process and the idea that lawsuits shouldn’t be able to go forward in court unless a business has been properly notified. Your Wyoming registered agent serves as your business’ official point of contact with Wyoming secretary of state and the legal world. Having a reliable, tech-savvy Wyoming registered agent service ensures you stay on top of any official notices or services of process for your business and can save you from an enormous amount of headaches.

What does my Wyoming registered agent do?

Wyoming is one of the nation’s most popular states for forming a business. The state often sits at the top of lists of the US’ most business-friendly states and it draws entrepreneurs from around the globe. When the Wyoming needs to contact one of these businesses formed with the secretary of state (or a foreign business registered to do business in Wyoming), it will do so by contacting the business’ Wyoming registered agent. By requiring each business to have a registered agent, Wyoming accomplishes two objectives:

  1. The state ensures there is a consistent way to reach businesses formed with the Wyoming secretary of state, without having the hassle of tracking down an individual who may have changed addresses or is avoiding receipt of a lawsuit.
  2. Wyoming is also able to verify that the business receives its official notices or services of process. Wyoming registered agents are required to notify the Wyoming Secretary of State if they change their address and the registered agent must sign for any service of process they receive on a business’ behalf.
  • Your Wyoming registered agent should have a system in place that is secure and able to immediately notify you of legal documents received on your business’ behalf. Northwest Registered Agent offers you an online account to help manage and organize these documents. We also offer an extensive set of delivery options, as with so many communication options today (cell, voip, text, apps, multiple emails, etc.), it’s paramount to have choices that align with how you want to receive notifications.
  • Anyone in Wyoming wanting to properly notify your company will find and send a complaint or notice to your Wyoming registered agent. According to Wyoming law, your registered agent is required to have a reliable, commercial address and office where they maintain normal business hours and can accept any documents for your business. Your Wyoming registered agent should also make sure you get the documents, read the documents, and most importantly, understand what the documents are telling you.
  • Your Wyoming registered agent will receive notices from the Wyoming secretary of state for filing annual reports. As suggested by their name, annual reports need to be filed each year, and if they are not your business will likely be dissolved.
  • If the Wyoming secretary of state has a question about your business, someone from their office will call and talk to your registered agent about your corporation or LLC.
  • Your Wyoming registered agent can file the formation paperwork for your corporation or LLC, if you’d like. What many people see as the advantage of having a registered agent file their paperwork is in most states it keeps their name and address off the public record. However, if this doesn’t concern you, there’s no requirement to hire someone to form your Wyoming corporation or LLC.

Can I be my own registered agent in Wyoming?

Yes, you can be your own registered agent in Wyoming. A Wyoming registered agent can be a Wyoming resident or business entity with a physical address in Wyoming where the registered agent will keep regular business hours and accept hand-delivered services of process (no P.O. Boxes). Be aware, though, in Wyoming when you form a business entity, your registered agent will also have to file a Consent to Appointment by Registered Agent form (this registered agent form comes attached to all the Wyoming secretary of state’s forms). The consent form must be signed in black ink by your Wyoming registered agent, and copies will not suffice—the form must be an original copy.
Also, if you’re going to be your business’ registered agent and your business is sued, the sheriff, deputy, or process server will be delivering the lawsuit to your home or place of business which can be distracting, if not absolutely embarrassing for you, and distracting for your family or employees. However, if you’d like to save some money while forming a new company, the main requirement is that you live in Wyoming and you’re willing to list your address and name on public documents.

Why should I hire a registered agent service in Wyoming?

  • If your business is web-based or doesn’t have a physical presence in Wyoming, the business will still need a registered agent located in the state of Wyoming.
  • Some Wyoming business owners hire registered agent services because their business doesn’t keep regular business hours in which service of process or official mail can be delivered.
  • Privacy. Many business owners don’t want their home or business address as a point of contact, so they hire a registered agent.
  • Avoid distractions and complications. Listing an employee or family member as your registered agent could create a lot of hassles, as they may be the last person you want knowing intimate details of lawsuits concerning your business. Or worse, having a process server hand them a document is proof that you received the document, no matter if your registered agent actually delivers it to you in a timely fashion. You could miss a court deadline without ever knowing it.
  • Stay organized. If you don’t want the added responsibility of tracking mail and notices from the Wyoming secretary of state, you can hire a registered agent to track the important paperwork for you. Having an online account to help maintain your business is often worth the nominal registered agent fee.
  • If your business operates in multiple states, a professional registered agent is almost a necessity, as paperwork from multiple secretaries of states all over will pile up and feel overwhelming.

How much does Northwest Registered Agent charge for its Wyoming registered agent service?

$125 per year. No hidden fees, plus automatic discounts for more states and companies as your portfolio grows.

What does Northwest Registered Agent offer me in return for $125?

  • Northwest Registered Agent has the most extensive alert system in the business. Seriously. If you want us to remind you (or anyone else you elect to be responsible for the documents) until you actually look at these documents, we can accomplish this. We take our responsibility seriously. After we receive a document for you, it starts a strict timeline and over the course of the next week, you’ll get regular emails, faxes, texts, phone calls, and lastly mailed notices to look at your lawsuit. If you’d like, we can also notify your attorney for certain documents (and other people of importance as well). You are able to customize the whole registered agent experience down to who gets notified about what type of document. For heavy volume lawsuit clients, we even have a special management portal where all your docs are OCR’d and customizable to meet your needs.
  • When Northwest receives a notice from the state of Wyoming or a service of process for your business, within minutes we scan the documents at our Wyoming office and upload the documents to your account online. When this happens, you will instantly receive an email prompting you to log into your account to view the documents. We’re the only national registered agent service that uploads everything on site locally from our Buffalo, WY office to your account.
  • Northwest will also send you reminders when any business reports are due to the Wyoming secretary of state. We won’t upsell your annual report to you or scam you into paying us to file the report for you. We’ll give you the link, the form, and the instructions to do it yourself and save money, as we know every dollar matters.
  • Once you hire Northwest Registered Agent, you will get instant access to an online account where you’ll find every Wyoming state form you could possibly file (even the Consent to Appointment by Registered Agent). Each form is pre-populated with our information and we also include ordering sheets and all kinds of state forms that aren’t easy to find, all just to make your life a little easier.
  • On top of that, you’ll also find instructions and tips from our business professionals on the best ways to file forms with the states and make payments to the state with no additional markup.
  • Plus, if you have questions concerning your business entity, you can call us at no additional charge and a real, live, knowledgeable human being will provide you with answers—we’re customer service at its best.
  • We’re national, so you can add as many states as you need to get registered in and the forms to file and instructions are always there. Plus, as you get more states, you get an automatic discount.

How does Wyoming know who my registered agent is?

When you form an LLC or corporation in Wyoming, you will file official paperwork (articles of incorporation for corporations, articles of organization for an LLC) with the WY Secretary of State. These certificates specifically ask for the name and address of your Wyoming registered agent. Wyoming also requires that registered agent sign, in black ink, the Consent to Appointment by Registered Agent form.

Wyoming’s articles of incorporation ask that I list the registered office. What is that?

The registered office is the actual, physical address of the Wyoming registered agent. This is the address where all official mail and services of process will be delivered and received. This is also the address that will be listed as the business’ contact on the WY secretary of state’s public records, so whenever someone looks up the official business address or tries to find the owner’s address, your Wyoming registered agent’s address is what will be listed.

Are there any business entities in Wyoming that aren’t required have a registered agent?

Sole proprietorships are the only business types that aren’t required to have a Wyoming registered agent because they aren’t formed with the secretary of state. But sole proprietorships don’t give entrepreneurs any of the potential tax benefits or limited liability that an official business entity offers.

Should I hire a registered agent before forming my corporation or LLC?

Definitely. You can’t form your corporation or LLC in Wyoming if you don’t have a registered agent. Although some are confused when they hire a registered agent before forming their business, as they think they’ll need their business’ official name first. But there’s no need worry. After hiring your Wyoming registered agent (or appoint yourself or other individual) and fill out the Consent to Appointment by Registered Agent, if you find that your proposed business name isn’t available with the secretary of state, you can always choose another one—just let your registered agent know.

Sometimes I see the name registered agent, resident agent, or statutory agent. Is there a difference?

Nope—different name, same registered agent job. Documentation from the Wyoming secretary of state will always refer to registered agents as registered agents.

What if I never get sued? Does your Wyoming registered agent service provide any additional features?

Don’t think of fees paid for a registered agent service as money tossed in the trash if you never get sued. Your Wyoming registered agent should also keep you updated on any reports due to the state and help if problems should arise. Also, if you hire Northwest Registered Agent, we’ll provide you with any form you could file in Wyoming. In your online account, you’ll also find helpful tips for filing forms and paying the state. We also pride ourselves on amazing customer service. Plus, if you add services through us to cover multiple states, you’ll be able to easily see your annual report dates in every state in your account, and get a discount.

What if I get sued all the time? Does Northwest Registered Agent charge additional fees?

Northwest Registered Agent doesn’t charge more for high volume clients. If you know your Wyoming business is going to be served a hundreds of times a year, we should create a custom price for you that makes sense for both of us. Our typical clients receive less than 15 lawsuits a year and never pay an extra cent.

How is a registered agent in Wyoming served with a lawsuit?

A process server will deliver a summons notice and a complaint form to your registered agent. The summons notice is basically instructions for how to respond to the lawsuit. The complaint form outlines who is suing, the reason they’re suing, and what the person or entity suing you wants in compensation (i.e. how much money they want from you). These documents are delivered to your Wyoming registered agent’s address, where your registered agent signs for the server’s documents, acknowledging receipt of the lawsuit. If you’ve hired Northwest Registered Agent, within minutes of receiving service of process, we’ll upload the document to your account and you’ll instantly receive an email prompting you to log into your account and take action.

So I can really hire Northwest Registered Agent for only $125 a year and there are no hidden fees?

Yes! In less than five minutes, you can fill out our signup form and have instant access to your online account.

What if I already have a registered agent, but I want to switch to Northwest Registered Agent? Can you help me?

Absolutely! Call us or for more information or learn more here on how to change your Wyoming Registered Agent. We’ll even pay and file the change of agent filing for you.

How much extra does Northwest charge to form my LLC or corporation in Wyoming?

$100 plus the state filing fees.

Do I really need to hire someone else to do my Wyoming filing?

Absolutely not. Part of the reason people incorporate in Wyoming is because the formation documents require little information and Wyoming is great about helping maintain a business owner’s anonymity (not to mention they don’t have state corporate taxes or sales tax). But whether or not you hire someone to form your company really depends on your comfort level with filling out government forms (this might sound scary, but throughout our website you’ll find all the resources you need to help you complete your filing).
Something to remember in Wyoming is that the person who submits the business entity filing has to have their name on the corporate paperwork. If you hire a service like Northwest Registered Agent to submit the filing for you, our name is there instead of yours. But if this idea doesn’t make you think twice, there’s probably no point in paying someone to file your company’s paperwork.
You can find more detailed pages on forming a Wyoming corporation, Wyoming nonprofit, or Wyoming LLC  for specific help.
Also, keep in mind that if you do hire us as your registered agent, in your online account you’ll find all the forms you need to form your corporation or LLC with the state of Wyoming. All forms are pre-populated with our information and you’ll find some helpful tips for forming your business. We also provide cover sheets for fax filings with the secretary of state in Wyoming. Plus, when you sign up with Northwest for Wyoming registered agent service, we will automatically sign and send you the Consent to Appointment by Registered Agent form you need to complete your filing. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.
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Registered Agent Wyoming Service Includes:

  1. Instant Wyoming registered agent services annual price: $125.
  2. Instant Wyoming forms located directly in your online account to make a filing in Wyoming.
  3. State resources in your Wyoming registered agent service account, with self-filing instructions to help you.
  4. We send multiple annual report reminders, and you can also track your due dates in your online account.
  5. We locally scan ‘service of process’ and all documents to you in real-time for no added cost.
  6. And, most importantly…We’re just not annoying™.
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