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Wyoming Virtual Office

Do Business the Right Way

For $49 a month, our virtual office service provides a Wyoming address with a unique suite number, a Wyoming phone number, an office lease, and the ability to use our Wyoming office for meetings if you want to meet clients in Wyoming. You can sign up for our Wyoming virtual office package as a standalone service or add our Wyoming virtual office service to your order when you hire Northwest to be your Wyoming registered agent, to incorporate your business in Wyoming, or to start your Wyoming LLC.

Virtual Office Service by State

Wyoming Address

Get a Wyoming virtual address and phone number.

  • Phone number included
  • Same-day digital scanning
  • Physical mail forwarding
  • Office lease & suite number

Corporate Guides

Get access to our Corporate Guides®, your own corporate specialist.

  • Business formation service
  • Registered agent service
  • Same-day filings
  • Annual report reminders

Wyoming Virtual Office

$49 Per Month
Rated 4.6 / 5 stars by 161 clients on Google


A Wyoming virtual office is an office you rent to use for your mail and phone number. A Wyoming virtual office can be used for your business principle address, mailing, business cards, domain registrations, bank accounts, invoicing, receivables, vendors, and any business relations to have anyone you transact business with do business with your company in Wyoming instead of your home state.


A Wyoming virtual address is an address you can use as your own even though you may never come to it. All Wyoming virtual offices are virtual addresses. With a Wyoming virtual office service you can maintain a Wyoming address without actually having to come to Wyoming and rent office space from a traditional landlord.


The concept of the Wyoming Virtual Office was drawn up and coined to have something nice to sell you in addition to forming a Wyoming LLC or a Wyoming Corporation. It’s great for all of us selling it, but at Northwest, we feel it’s important for you to really understand it before giving us your money.

There is bad information that having an executive office suite or a virtual office in Wyoming will create Wyoming Nexus and get you out of paying taxes in your home state. Owning a building in Wyoming, having employees in Wyoming, and providing services in Wyoming still does not make Wyoming nexus as your home state a rock solid case. We operate in all 50 states and as such pay every state income taxes, franchise taxes, gross receipt taxes, property taxes, use taxes, and sales taxes. Then we pay state level business licenses, county licenses, borough licences, city licenses, and professional licenses. We pay so many different taxes, it’s refreshing to help people legally avoid some. We just don’t want you to think you should not pay taxes locally simply by paying someone $49 a month for a Wyoming virtual office. One of the real benefits of using Northwest for your Wyoming virtual office headquarters, is that we can seamlessly help you in your home state as well.

Get Your Wyoming Address and Phone Number Today

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I Want to Rent a Wyoming Executive Office Suite

There’s great things about a Wyoming virtual office or renting an executive suite, don’t get us wrong. But it’s important to us, to not just sell you something that if you really got in trouble, does absolutely nothing for you. “Renting” a Wyoming executive office suite that you never come and work out of does not do anything more in your efforts to create Wyoming Nexus.

Why Wyoming Nexus is Baloney

Let’s paint a picture:  You live in a high income tax state, you read on the internet that you could form a Wyoming company where there’s no income tax and you stayed up late spending hours reading some websites that made you think you could magically form a Wyoming company and not pay income tax in your home state. This seems amazing because you’ve been getting screwed with high taxes for years and maybe you’ve finally found a solution that makes you feel smart like the mega corporations that funnel all their money through loopholes and complicated tax avoidance schemes thus leaving you and US with the tax burden of the entire country, and you just like US have been paying way too many taxes for years. So you spend a bunch of money with those websites for years gobbling up all the garbage they offer to sell you and dodge your income tax in your home state for awhile, the department of revenue finds you, you get sued, you have to stand in front of a judge and explain why you haven’t been paying your income tax locally. You say:

  • Well, I incorporated in Wyoming
  • I hired a virtual office there
  • I get a phone number that rings to me here
  • I get my mail sent there and they send it to me or scan it to me
  • I flew to Wyoming and set up a local bank account
  • Worse, I paid a service to set up a Wyoming bank account for me
  • I have checks sent there and I pay a service to deposit them there in Wyoming
  • No I don’t live there
  • No I don’t have employees there
  • No I don’t work there or ever go there
  • Oh, yes, I have utility bills there. The virtual office provider thought that if I paid for local utilities there, it would help me establish Wyoming Nexus.

Basically, you look like a complete idiot if this ever happens. Actual Wyoming nexus is accomplished by owning or renting a substantial building and having substantial ties to the community like having more ties in Wyoming than where you’re at. Actually living and working in Wyoming. If you fake this and are trying to dodge taxes, you will get hammered some day.

How a Wyoming Virtual Office Makes Sense

Now, most people don’t need or want to avoid taxes locally. There are some strategies to lower your taxes locally with a Wyoming company, but you need to have some substantial income you’re paying taxes on to make it all be worth it. Most people do not have this level of profit flowing through their businesses.

There’s a lot of Wyoming advantages.

We suggest forming your Wyoming company with us, have your mail sent here to our office. We’ll provide you your own unique Wyoming address. We’ll provide you a Wyoming 307 phone number and forward it to your phone. It’s a simple logistical solution to where to incorporate at. But don’t try to dodge your local state taxes unless you have some substantial money you’re paying on. At that point having a Wyoming C Corporation, charging your self royalties, and holding money in the Wyoming company for another day starts to make sense, and you can read more on that with our asset protection strategies, but most people don’t have enough profits to make all those complications worth it.

We love the concept of being more private, having a Wyoming company, and having your mail sent here for privacy alone. NOT for tax avoidance. If you’re into privacy, we believe we will guard your data better than any other virtual office service you may find in Wyoming. If you have read through this page and understand that forming a Wyoming company should not be thought of for most people as a tax avoidance strategy, we’d love to sell you a whole bunch of stuff that will make your life simpler and logistically easier. And we’ll do all of it better than anyone else. Many have been trying to copy us for years and hating on the fact that we just form Wyoming companies better than everyone else and that we provide better Wyoming registered agent service and tools. We won’t mess with you on pricing. It’s simply $49 a month.

Our Wyoming Virtual Office Solution

We include free unlimited mail forwarding to all our Wyoming registered agent clients. When you have us form a Wyoming LLC for you or incorporate you in Wyoming, we include registered agent service, which in turn includes free unlimited Wyoming mail forwarding. Here’s our Wyoming mail forwarding page.

For $49 a month, our virtual office service provides Wyoming mail forwarding, a Wyoming phone number, and availability to use our Wyoming office for meetings should you happen to some how get to Wyoming and want to meet clients in Wyoming. You can sign up for our Wyoming virtual office package as a standalone service (just click the blue button below), or you can add our Wyoming virtual office service to your order when you hire Northwest to be your Wyoming registered agent, to incorporate your business in Wyoming, or to start your Wyoming LLC.

Our virtual office service will be set up the same day you place an order. We program all Wyoming phone numbers the same day and set up your own unique Wyoming suite number the same day as well.

If you are looking for a more extensive Wyoming business phone number system, we can provide you a Wyoming phone number that you can connect to with a soft phone application on your cell phone or desktop. We run our own phone server in Wyoming and your phone number will be unique to you. We can customize a plan however you would like it.

We can provide conference room rentals and shared office space rentals. We have a nice board room that can easily house 15-20 people. We have nice dedicated private suites that you can come work in, and a well stocked kitchen and private bathroom.

Our Wyoming Executive Office Suite Solution

We can rent out one of the rooms in our office building to you, where you could come to work at. Let’s be honest, though, you’ll probably never come to Wyoming, but if for some crazy reason makes you sleep better at night, renting a suite that you’ll never come to, we will rent out rooms in our office for about $150-750 a month depending on how much space you need. We actually rent out quite a few suites to try you help out our clients. We’re here for you. We’ll do whatever we can to help you start and maintain your business in the best state to form a company in: Wyoming.


Virtual Office Service by State

Does Northwest Offer Virtual Office Services in Other States?

Absolutely. We can set your business up with a virtual office in Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Montana, or Wyoming. Or if you simply need the mail forwarding part of our virtual office package, you can sign up for mail forwarding services in each of these states as well.

Learn more at our general US Virtual Office and US Mail Forwarding pages, or select your preferred state from the list below:

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