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California Virtual Office

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For $29 a month, our California Virtual Office Service provides a unique, physical California address for your business, a secure online account, a unique suite number, a real office lease, and Northwest Phone Service with all the perks. We even accept Amazon Verification Cards. Our California Virtual Office also includes two mail forwarding options: same-day digital scanning and weekly physical mail forwarding—whichever option works best for you.

Virtual Office Service by State

California Address

Get a unique California virtual address, office lease and dedicated business line.

  • Phone Service included
  • Same-day digital scanning
  • Physical mail forwarding
  • Amazon address verification
  • Office lease & unique suite #

Corporate Guides

Get access to our Corporate Guides®, your own corporate specialist.

  • Business formation service
  • Registered agent service
  • Same-day filings
  • Annual report reminders

California Virtual Office

$29 Per Month
Rated 4.7 / 5 stars by 607 clients on Google

What Is A California Virtual Office?

A California virtual office is an affordable way to obtain a unique physical address and phone number at a staffed location that you can use as your business address even if you are not in California. We created our California Virtual Office service for businesses that need to establish a presence in California, that operate without a physical location, or that simply want an added layer of privacy and security. The service provides you with a legal California office lease. It’s a perfect solution for anyone who needs a physical office space, but doesn’t want to pay thousands of dollars a year maintaining a physical office.

Northwest’s California Virtual Office Service also includes our feature-packed Phone Service, which gives you a local California number you can use to keep your personal number private.

Need a California address and California mail forwarding but not an office lease or business phone? Check out our California Mail Forwarding Service for $20 a month. 

How Your California Virtual Office Works

When you sign up for our California Virtual Office service, you’ll get a physical mailing address and a secure online account. Here, you’ll choose your new California phone number, set up call forwarding, customize your voicemail, and add contacts. Once you’re set up, you can start using your new business phone’s unlimited calls and texts to connect with your customers and clients.

The virtual California address we provide isn’t one of those private mailbox numbers (PNBs) available from many other California virtual office service providers. We own the California building and operate our virtual office and mail forwarding services, so we assign your business a unique suite number within 24-48 hours that you can use for your website, company letterhead, and bills. We never reuse suite numbers, so you don’t have to worry about sharing a mailing address with one of our previous clients.

Mail forwarding is included as part of your California Virtual Office, as well, and you’ll have a choice between the two mail forwarding options described below.

Option 1: Same-Day Digital Scanning

This is the option most of our California Virtual Office clients choose, and the process is simple. Your business receives a piece of mail at our California office, and our California staff opens it, scans it, and uploads a PDF version of the scanned document to your secure online account. When this process is complete, you’ll receive a notification, and you can then view your mail in your online account.

Option 2: Weekly Physical Mail Forwarding

Would you rather our staff didn’t open your mail? If so, our California Virtual Office service has you covered. Just select physical mail forwarding on the sign up form, and we’ll forward any mail sent to your virtual address to a physical mailing address you choose. Our staff simply collects your mail as it arrives, bundles it together, and forwards it to you on a weekly basis.

What about reshipping packages?

The $29 monthly fee for your California Virtual Office doesn’t include reshipping packages.

Do you accept Amazon Verification Cards?

Yes. Our California Virtual Office does accept Amazon Verification Cards. When your verification card arrives at our California office, we’ll scan it and upload it to your secure online account. It’s important to note that while we’ll happily accept your initial address verification card, we only have space at our office for regular paper mail that would fit in a normal mailbox. This means that we just aren’t able able to act as a warehouse for packages meant for, or returned by your customers.

Will you accept Google Business Address Verification Postcards?

No. Our California Virtual Office doesn’t accept Google Business Address Verification Postcards because Google’s internal regulations don’t allow sellers to list an address where they don’t physically operate.

Can I Add California Virtual Office to Other Northwest Services?

Yes. You can sign up for our California Virtual Office as a standalone service (just click the blue button below), or you can add on a virtual office when you hire Northwest to be your California registered agent, incorporate your business in California, or form your California LLC.

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Virtual Office Service by State

Does Northwest Offer Virtual Office Services in Other States?

Absolutely. We can set your business up with a virtual office in California, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Montana, New York, Texas, Washington or Wyoming. Or, if you simply need the mail forwarding part of our virtual office package, you can sign up for mail forwarding services in each of these states as well.

Learn more at our general US Virtual Office and US Mail Forwarding pages, or select your preferred state from the list below:

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