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Washington Virtual Office

When You Want More

Our Washington Virtual Office Service provides you with a unique, professional Washington business address, suite number, secure online account, real office lease, and our comprehensive Northwest Phone Service. You’ll also have the choice between two mail forwarding options: same-day digital scanning OR weekly physical mail forwarding. All of this for $29 per month!

Virtual Office Service by State

Washington Address

Get a unique Washington virtual office address and a dedicated business line.

  • Phone Service included
  • Same-day digital scanning
  • Physical forwarding available
  • Office lease & suite number

Corporate Guides

Get access to our Corporate Guides®, your own corporate specialist.

  • Business formation services
  • Registered agent services
  • Same-day filings
  • Annual report reminders

Washington Virtual Office

$29 Per Month
Rated 4.7 / 5 stars by 607 clients on Google

What is a Washington Virtual Office?

Our Washington Virtual Office service includes a real, commercial Washington address, a month-to-month office lease, our user-friendly Phone Service, and your choice of weekly physical mail forwarding OR same-day digital scanning.

Getting started is fast and easy. From within your client dashboard, you’ll choose your new Washington phone number, set up call forwarding, customize your voicemail, and add contacts. As soon as you’re done customizing, you can start using your Washington number to connect with your customers and clients.

You’ll also be able to choose between our two mail forwarding options described below.

Option 1: Same-day Digital Scanning

This is our most convenient and popular method. When you choose same-day digital scanning, our professional team will scan your mail into your secure online account the moment it’s received. Then, you’ll get an email notification letting you know your documents are ready to be viewed. It’s that simple. You’ll never have to worry about important forms, bills, or other business related papers getting lost.

Option 2: Weekly Physical Mail Forwarding

If your business is new and doesn’t accumulate a lot of mail, you might prefer to sort through everything yourself. With our weekly physical mail forwarding option, our Washington team will collect your mail, scan the envelope only into your account—so you can see what’s coming—and forward everything to the address of your choice.

Do you own a home-based company? Want to have all the benefits of a staffed office? Travel a lot? Then, signing up for our Washington Virtual Office service will make running your business a lot smoother. Plus, your assigned Washington business address and unique suite number will help you maintain your privacy.

We also specialize in registered agent and business formation services. When you hire Northwest Registered Agent, we’ll help you form your business or register to do business in Washington. Our corporate guides will even help you maintain your company!

What about reshipping packages?

Our virtual office service doesn’t include reshipping packages. However, we will reship packages for $15 per package plus the cost of shipping.

Get Your Washington Virtual Office

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What are the benefits of having a Washington Virtual Office?

  1. Credibility. Having a real, commercial Washington business address and suite number allows potential clients to see a legitimate address when they look up your company—rather than your home location.
  2. Privacy. Your assigned business address and suite number can be used on your business website, letterhead, bank statements, and other state qualifications—making sure your personal information doesn’t become public. And having a dedicated business line means you get to keep your personal phone number private too.
  3. Saving money. Instead of having to buy furniture, hire staff, and pay building maintenance fees, you’ll save TONS of money by hiring us. We’ll sort through your mail, shred your junk mail, store all of your important documents, and set you up with an all-in-one business phone—for just $29 a month.
  4. Saving time. No more wasting precious time commuting back and forth between the office and home. Our virtual office service allows you to put your time and energy into the most important thing—growing your successful business.

Can I add Washington Virtual Office Service to other Northwest services?

You absolutely can! You may sign up for Washington Virtual Office as a standalone service OR add it to your order when you hire Northwest Registered Agent to be your Washington registered agent, start your Washington LLC, or form your Washington corporation.

Virtual Office Service By State

Does Northwest Offer Virtual Office Services in Other States?

Yep! We can set your business up with a virtual office in California, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Montana, New York, Texas, Washington or Wyoming. Or, if you just need the mail forwarding part of our virtual office package, you can sign up for services as a standalone service in each of these states as well.

Learn more about our general US Virtual Office and US Mail Forwarding or select your specific state from the list below:

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