Board of Directors minutes of annual meeting template

The board of directors for a corporation hold an annual meeting to go over the details of the past year and decide on actions and strategies of the corporation for the next year.

Even if you are a small business and a sole director or owner, it’s a good idea to even just take an hour or two at a coffee house and go over these items like a bigger corporation would do. The same fundamentals of goals, sales, money, and all big picture items are important to a corporation regardless of size. (It’s an even better excuse to go on a vacation for a few days and really think through it!)

The annual meeting for board of directors of a corporation should be documented on meeting minutes and included in the corporate record book. The decisions made at an annual board of directors meeting are important and should be documented with our free board meeting minutes template.

Some of the biggest issues to discuss are:

  • Officers of the corporation
  • The net and gross profit
  • The amount of dividend per share the corporation will issue
  • The salaries of the officers

Download: Board Meeting Minutes template

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