District of Columbia Limited Liability Company

How to form a District of Columbia LLC?

File Articles of Organization with the DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA). Forming an LLC in District of Columbia will cost a $220 LLC articles of organization filing fee.

The DCRA will take 3-4 weeks to process your DC limited liability company articles of organization if you file by mail.

We recommend the using the DCRA online LLC formation. Online filings are auto expedited so your LLC will be formed within 10 days.

What is required to file District of Columbia LLC Articles of organization?

To form a articles of organization with the DCRA. The District of Columbia articles of organization will cost a $220 DCRA filing fee. These LLC articles can be basic or complicated. We custom draft your District of Columbia LLC articles of organization when you hire Northwest to do your District of Columbia LLC registration, but if you’d like to save some money, you could just hire us as your DC registered agent, and then we supply you all the correct forms to file and filing instructions in your online account immediately. The basic District of Columbia LLC requirements are:

  • The business name must have a LLC ending or variation of it
  • The District of Columbia company name must be different than already registered District of Columbia companies
  • The effective date of the articles of organization
  • The District of Columbia LLCs principal address
  • The LLC must have at least one member
  • State the date when a person or persons became members of the LLC
  • The DC registered agent name and the physical address
  • The DC organizers name, address, and signature
  • District of Columbia does not require original signatures on LLC filings. The filing will be mailed to the address on the envelope.

What’s the actual process to start a District of Columbia LLC?

  1. District of Columbia LLC registration is started when you file the articles of organization for a DC LLC with the DCRA.
  2. You obtain a federal tax ID number with the IRS after you have confirmation from District of Columbia that the LLC is completely filed.
  3. You should be able to open a LLC banking account with these two items.
  4. You register your District of Columbia LLC with the DC Office of Tax and Revenue or DC Department of Employment Services if you’re going to have employees or need to withhold sales tax.
  5. Almost all DC businesses need a DC Basic Business License from the DCRA Business License Division. Your license fees and requirements will depend on your business activities in DC. We provide links and DC licensing information in your online account.
  6. Get a trade or occupational license if you need one. Many professions are exempted from the DC Basic Business License requirement. Make sure you do your research; some businesses need a professional license AND the DCRA Basic Business License!
  7. If you’re going to have an office or shop, you might need an approval from the city zoning for your type of business in that location.

When forming an LLC in District of Columbia, our service includes:

  • Drafting custom District of Columbia LLC Articles of Organization
  • We make the corporation or LLC filing with the DCRA
  • The organizer initial resolution
  • DC limited liability company operating agreement
  • The DCRA LLC articles of organization filing fee
  • District of Columbia registered agent service

Our fees are: $100 District of Columbia limited liability company service and $125 District of Columbia registered agent service.

What is the total District of Columbia company cost if I use your LLC service?

$445 total for a DC limited liability company. That includes the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs LLC filing fee and a year of DC registered agent service.

Any DC company expedited options?

You can pay the DCRA an extra $100 for 2 day processing. Walked in documents are expedited and processed the same day. We can form your District of Columbia LLC in just one business day!

Do I need a DC registered agent?

You must list the name and address of your registered agent on  your DC articles of organization.

Do I need a Federal Tax ID Number?

You will need a federal tax ID number to open a bank account and/or hire employees.

How much does a DC LLC cost each year?

The Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs requires LLCs to file an initial report which costs $300. The initial report is due on April 1st the year following your initial filing date. After that, DC biennial reports are required every other April 1st and cost $300.

What are the District of Columbia LLC taxes?

DC LLCs are subject to DC taxes.

The District of Columbia personal net income tax rate(s) are:

$0-10,000         4%
$10-40,000       6%
$40,000+          8.5%

The average District of Columbia sales tax rate is 6%.

What else do I need to know about starting a District of Columbia LLC?

You will need to know more than just how to start a Washington DC LLC. There will be times when you need to take action to grow or maintain your LLC. For example:

What if I need forms for my Washington DC LLC?

We provide a variety of Free LLC Forms to help you start and maintain your DC LLC:

How do I know if a DC LLC is right for me?

Want to compare business entities? Learn more about the Washington DC Corporation.