How to amend LLC operating agreement

You can make an amendment to your LLC operating agreement at any time.

Please enjoy our free LLC operating agreement amendment above. They are simple to use in either format.

Amendments to your operating agreement are not public. You do not file your LLC operating agreement with the State you formed your LLC in. This is simply an internal document to memorialize your new amendments to your LLC agreement. If you need to amend the members and managers of your LLC, you should also file articles of amendment with your State of formation. Please take advantage of our free LLC articles of amendment form to amend your LLC articles of organization if needed.

You should document the change of members and managers in the LLC operating agreement as well as filing articles of amendment with the State of formation. Some Secretaries of State only require you to re-file an annual report to document the change in members or managers.

As long as the LLC operating agreement amendment does not contradict the allowable provisions of an LLC in your State, you can amend the agreement to your needs.

At some point, you may find it easier to just re-state the entire LLC operating agreement. You’ll find those forms to the right side of this page. Please use the word document and add a line stating that you are restating the LLC operating agreement. This could be hand written into the shorter form agreements as well.

Download: LLC Operating Agreement Amendment

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