Free annual shareholder meeting minutes template

What is an annual shareholder meeting minutes?

The shareholders of a corporation may hold an annual meeting to discuss the needs of the corporation, how the previous year was, and most importantly to elect the directors.

You can keep the same directors on the board of directors from the previous year, but this is your time to make changes if you would like. The board of directors typically are elected to serve on the board for 1 year, and/or until another meeting of shareholders is held to vote for new directors.

The directors are the decision makers of the corporation, so as a shareholder, this is an important duty. The directors elect the officers which run the day to day operations of the corporation. Any big decisions of the corporation are run through the directors, so as a shareholder this is your chance to choose who will make these decisions.

Please feel free to use our free shareholder meeting minutes template here to document your shareholder meeting.

Download: Shareholder meeting template

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