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Waiver Of Notice For Annual Shareholder Meeting

A waiver of notice for an annual shareholder meeting is a document you can use to hold a meeting without giving the days or weeks of notice required by state laws or corporate bylaws. The waiver ensures that all the shareholders agree to the actions in the meeting, despite not receiving the set amount of notice. We provide a free waiver of notice template for your annual shareholder meeting below:


Annual Shareholder Meeting – Free Waiver Of Notice Template

Enjoy our free waiver of notice template for the first annual meeting. Like all our forms, this template is intended for individual use.

If you also need an annual meeting minutes template, we have a free form for that as well:

Why would I need a waiver of notice for the annual shareholder meeting?

The main purpose of an annual shareholder meeting is to appoint new directors. Some corporations hold annual shareholder meetings at set dates each year—whether or not they plan to appoint new directors—so giving ample notice isn’t usually an issue. However, some smaller corporations either don’t have set dates for annual meetings or only hold annual meetings when they plan to appoint new directors. In these cases, there may be instances where shareholders would rather not wait for notice. Shareholders can then sign a waiver of notice for the annual shareholder meeting.

What should an annual meeting waiver of notice include?

Our template for an annual shareholder meeting waiver of notice includes the following key information:

  • Your corporation’s name

  • Date, time and location of first meeting

  • Statement waiving notice

  • Statement consenting and agreeing to business transacted at the meeting

  • Statement that business transacted has the same force and effect as if there had been notice

  • Shareholder names and signatures

  • Dates of all signatures

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We do! We have templates for bylaws, Articles of Incorporation and more.

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