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Free Delaware Certificate of Incorporation Template

Please feel free to use our certificate of incorporation template in the PDF or edit it further with the word document. We have a generic state certificate template or a Delaware template. Delaware is one of the few states that call articles of incorporation a "certificate of incorporation" There are a few other states that call it this, but mostly it's just Delaware.

Our certificate of incorporation template includes:

  • The duration of the Delaware corporation
  • The purpose of the Delaware corporation
  • The powers of the Delaware corporation
  • The registered agent for the corporation
  • The authorized shares, the class, and the par value
  • The directors and officers
  • The bylaws
  • What to do with dissolution
  • The incorporator
  • The signing statement of the incorporator
  • The contact information

Keep in mind; you can use this for Delaware or any state. If you would like more info on filing information for Delaware or any state you can see more info at delaware-registered-agent.html

If you need a Delaware registered agent we would be happy to serve this function for you. Or if you need a Delaware registered agent we would be happy to serve this function for you. Or if you need a registered agent in any state, we have offices in every state to serve this function for you. When you hire Northwest as your registered agent, you immediately get filing instructions for the quickest, simplest, and cheapest way to file your certificate of incorporation. We also track your state report dates, and send you reminders to make these filings on time.

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