Corporate Stock Certificate Template

Stock certificates are the physical written certificate showing the issuance of shares of stock in the Corporation. When a Corporation is formed, the articles of incorporation authorize a certain amount of shares of stock. Then, the corporation issues some or all of those shares of stock to the shareholders to fund the corporation. This can be done simply scratched out on paper, or a bill of sale of issued stock, and/or through the physical writing of the information onto a Certificate of Stock.

The free certificate of stock is printable on regular paper, or if you want you can put thicker paper in your printer and print in color for a nicer finished product.

The stock certificates were designed to have:

  • A chain of ownership of the certificate of stock shares
  • The signature of officers verifying the issuance of the stock certificates
  • A bill of sale for stock certificates in transfer
  • The owner of the shares of the stock certificates
  • The name of the corporation
  • The State of incorporation
  • The owner of the shares in the certificates of stock

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