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Annual Board Of Directors Meeting Minutes Template

The annual board of directors meeting is held to go over the details of the past year and decide on actions and strategies for the corporation for the next year. Keeping meeting minutes helps to ensure all these actions are documented in the corporate record. We provide a free meeting minutes template for your annual directors meeting.


Annual Directors Meeting – Free Meeting Minutes Template

Please enjoy our free minutes template for your corporation’s annual board of directors meeting. Like all our forms, this template is intended for individual use. Need a different template? We also offer free board of directors minutes templates for the first meeting and a waiver of notice for your annual directors meeting.

What should annual board of directors meeting minutes include?

Some of the most common topics of discussion at the annual board of directors meeting include the corporate officers (and their salaries), profits and dividends. Our free minutes template includes these topics and more:

  • General Meeting Information: Our template includes spaces to list the corporation’s name, meeting date, and location.

  • Attendance: The names of directors and officers in attendance are recorded. Names and addresses of others present are included as well.

  • Chairperson and Secretary Elections: The corporation elects a chairperson to run the meeting and a secretary to keep minutes.

  • Quorum and Notice Confirmation: The chairperson confirms that a quorum (minimum number) of directors is present. The secretary confirms that sufficient notice of the meeting was given or waived.

  • Review of Previous Minutes: The minutes from the last board of directors meeting are made available for review.

  • Officer Selection: Officers are elected or appointed, and the name of each officer is recorded next to their title. Officer compensation is also fixed and recorded.

  • Report Presentations: The president presents an annual report to the corporation. The treasurer also presents a financial report, which includes gross receipts, gross profits and net profits for the preceding year.

  • Dividends: The per share dividend and the date it will be paid is agreed upon and recorded.

  • Other Items of Business: The template includes space for any additional items of business conducted.

  • Signatures: The meeting secretary signs and dates the meeting minutes. Witnesses can also add their names and signatures.

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We do! We have templates for bylaws, Articles of Incorporation and more.

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