How to use a waiver of notice for first shareholders meeting

A waiver of notice of first meeting of shareholders or stockholders is a commonly used document.

Often in the beginning formation of a new corporation, there’s no time to truly notify the other shareholders that you would like to hold a meeting. Often shareholders will hire a company like ourselves to incorporate your business. The incorporator provides you with filed articles, initial resolutions, and corporate bylaws. You then hold an organizations first shareholder meeting. This can be done at a coffee house, your home, or in the middle of the forest. It doesn’t really matter.

The waiver of notice of first meeting of the shareholders basically just documents that all shareholders are ok with having a meeting without being notified that a shareholder wanted to hold a meeting in 30 days or something like that. It would be a complete waste of your time to give a shareholder a 30 day notice that you want to hold an organization first shareholder meeting. You would just want to get it over with and start your new corporation.

Download: Waiver of First Shareholder Meeting

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