LLCs are governed by the Mississippi Code of 1972 – Title 79, Chapter 29, Revised Mississippi Limited Liability Company Act.

Mississippi LLC registration:

Forming an LLC in Mississippi will cost a $50 LLC articles of organization state filing fee.

The state of Mississippi Secretary of State is in charge of filing Mississippi LLCs, and it will take about 2-3 business days to process your LLC articles of organization if you file by mail or in person.

When forming an LLC in Mississippi, our service includes:

Total Mississippi company cost if you use our services:

$275 for a limited liability company and that includes the state’s LLC filing fee.

You can also add $25 to the filing fee and write EXPEDITE on the top of the form, and Mississippi will get your LLC processed in one day.

Any MS company expedited options?

No expedited processing and you have to mail your filing. A good way to speed things up is to overnight your filing to the Mississippi SOS. Even if you file in person, it does not change the SOS processing time.

How much does an MS LLC cost each year?

LLCs have to file an annual report by April 1 each year. There is no fee for domestic LLC annual reports. Foreign LLCs have to pay $250 to file the Mississippi annual report.

What are the taxes for an LLC in Mississippi?

The Mississippi personal net income tax rates are:

$0-5,000 3%
$5,000-10,000 4%
$10,000 + 5%

The average Mississippi sales tax rate is 7%.

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