How to Incorporate in Wyoming

You incorporate in Wyoming by filing articles of incorporation with the Secretary of State. You can download a form the state provides and do this yourself by hiring a registered agent, using their consent form, and mailing it into the Wyoming Secretary of State. We provide this form in your online account when you hire us as your registered agent.

Many people do not incorporate in Wyoming themselves because you have to sign the articles as the Wyoming Incorporator. If you hire a Wyoming Incorporation Service, you can keep your information more private and it speeds up the process because you do not have to wait for the consent to be mailed to you. Wyoming only accepts wet ink on filings, so everything has to be mailed around the country. Hiring a service like us, speeds up the time logistically.

What will it cost to incorporate in Wyoming?

$100 Wyoming articles of incorporation filing fee

What are the costs involved in forming a Wyoming LLC?

Wyoming LLC articles of organization will cost $100

Do I need to reserve a name before I can incorporate in Wyoming?

No, Wyoming doesn’t require name reservations. It would slow things down.

How long will it take to incorporate in Wyoming

It will take the Wyoming Secretary of State 3-6 business days to process your Wyoming Articles of Incorporation. If you hire us to form your Wyoming company we typically get your filed articles back and email them to you in about 3 days.

What am I going to be looking at for ongoing fees to Wyoming?

There is an annual report fee for every business entity registered with the WY SOS of $52.

The Wyoming Secretary of State requires corporations and LLCs to file an annual report by the first day of your anniversary month each year. So if your original filing date was January 15th, you need to file your annual report by January 1st each year. You can file your Wyoming annual report online or you may mail in the paper form. We remind you of these due dates.

What are the Wyoming business taxes?

Wyoming corporations and Wyoming LLCs are fortunate because Wyoming doesn’t have personal or corporate income tax. Wyoming does have sales if you were to actually be in Wyoming and offer things for sale to Wyoming residents and use tax if you were to actually own business machinery and have it physically located in the State of Wyoming. Basically Wyoming LLCs and Wyoming Corporations are tax free if you don’t live and work in WY.

When we Incorporate your business in Wyoming, our service includes:

  • Unlimited Wyoming Mail Forwarding.
  • Drafting custom articles for a Wyoming LLC or Wyoming corporation.
  • The Wyoming Incorporator initial resolution for a corporation, or Wyoming organizer if Wyoming LLC.
  • Ratified Wyoming corporate bylaws, or Wyoming LLC operating agreement.
  • The Wyoming state incorporation filing fees.
  • Registered agent service for Wyoming.
  • Wyoming Corporate Stock Certificates.
  • Wyoming annual report reminders.
  • Company management system.
  • You can generate any kind of Wyoming Corporation amendment or maintenance filing in your account without having to make them from scratch. We store your information once, and they give you tools to make legal forms that will help you maintain your Wyoming Corporation without having to spend all day typing on a keyboard or searching for a form online.

Only $325 for a Wyoming LLC or $325 for a Wyoming corporation.

For more information, see our page, Why incorporate in Wyoming?