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Arizona Limited Liability Company

LLCs are governed by the Arizona Revised Statutes - Title 29, Chapter 4 Limited Liability Company Act.

Arizona LLC registration:

Forming an LLC in Arizona will cost a $50 LLC articles of organization state filing fee.

The state of Arizona Division of Corporations is in charge of filing LLCs in Arizona, and it will take about 20 business days to process your Arizona limited liability company articles of organization if you file by paper. You can pay an additional $35 and the state of Arizona will process your AZ LLC in about 9 business days.

When forming an LLC in Arizona, our service includes:

  • Drafting custom Arizona company articles of organization.
  • We make the state filing with the AZ Division of Corporations.
  • The organizer initial resolution.
  • Arizona limited liability company operating agreement.
  • LLC state filing fees.
  • Publication in a newspaper and filing the affidavit of publication with AZ.
  • Arizona registered agent service.
  • Our fees are: $100 limited liability company service and $125 Arizona registered agent service.

Total Arizona company cost if you use our services:

$475 for a limited liability company and that INCLUDES the state filing fee and our publication service (Publication in a periodical is required within 60 days for 3 consecutive publications).

Any AZ company expedited options?

We auto expedite all corporate filings on our end. If you elect the extra state $35 fee, it will only take us 9 business days to complete an AZ LLC.

How much does an AZ LLC cost each year?

There are no annual reports for LLCs in Arizona.

What are the Arizona LLC taxes?

Personal income tax in Arizona ranges from 2.59% to 4.54%. The Arizona LLC is defaulted to be taxed at the personal level, making it the cheaper than the corporate tax applied to Arizona C corporations. The average Arizona sales tax rate is 7.92% (the state has a 5.6% tax, but the average local tax is 2.32% making a total of 7.92%).

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