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Wholesale Registered Agent Program

At Northwest Registered Agent, we’ve carefully crafted a unique, secure platform for our wholesale registered agent clients. You can offer these services to your clients without all the required overhead and legwork to build a premium national registered agent service.

Why Choose Us As A Wholesale Registered Agent:

  1. Price: We will provide a wholesale price that will be painful for someone to try to beat. We can provide nationwide wholesale registered agent services cheaper than finding 51 different local representatives. We will be a much cheaper option than contracting with a different person in each state.
  2. Privacy: We don’t contact your clients, and your end client will never even know who we are. We do not need your client information. We’ll deal with you and only you.
  3. Speed: Because we have offices in each state, we’re able to locally scan every document we receive for you in real time. This allows us to deliver filings faster than the competition and eliminates common problems of other businesses who forward documents to a central hub, such as lost or delayed documents.
  4. Consistent Document Delivery: We consistently scan all your documents to you. There’s no lag time and you never have to worry about how you’re going to get your legal notices for your clients.
  5. This Is What We Do: You might find another national service discounting their retail price for you. How important will you be to someone when you are nothing more than a discounted, low-price client? Our everyday wholesale registered agent pricing is lower just out of the gate than what a one-off provider will charge you in one state. Wholesale services are the majority of our business. We power great companies. It’s what we do.

Wholesale registered agent services is the bulk of our business.  We’ll create a custom solution to fit your needs and work to grow our businesses together. We also offer an affiliate marketing program and a B2B affiliate program if one of these programs better fits your needs.


Wholesale Registered Agent Service Features

After becoming a wholesale services provider, you’ll simply log into your account to add clients. We’ve taken years crafting a secure platform for you to seamlessly add clients. Take a look at the process below:


  • Three clicks to add a company: type in company name, entity type, jurisdiction, and you’re done.
  • Forms to file in each state instantly in your online account.
  • A packet of pre-signed forms (if your state requires original signatures).
  • Filing instructions indicating what’s required on each form in easy-to-understand language.

You’ll know when the state needs original signatures, how current of a certificate of good standing is needed for a foreign entity, and if you can file online, by fax or by mail. You’ll know how long the state takes to process filings, how you’ll get the filing back (for instance, if they they send the filing back to the address on the check you use for payment), and much more.


  • You’ll see your documents delivered to ANY of our 51 locations in real time.  You won’t have to wonder how you get something from a random local state rep you barely know.
  • We’ll operate as an extension of your workforce, and we’ll be here to answer your questions on the phone and by email.
  • You’ll never have a postage cost or UPS/FedEx expense to get your documents to you.
  • We won’t monitor how our address gets listed on your clients’ filings. We’re here to help, not look over your shoulders.
  • You’ll have easy access to a summary of your registered agent business nationwide.
  • We locally scan every document we get for your clients into your online account in real time.  No one else does this.
  • You won’t have to remember to bill your clients.  Our system can invoice you 90 days prior to the end of service date, and then you can send your clients a renewal invoice.
  • We let our wholesale registered agent accounts cancel easier than anyone in the industry. You simply log in and cancel. It’s like 3 clicks total. No fees. Super easy.
  • We send you business compliance reminders so you can try to sell report filing services to your clients.

We can also modify the process to accommodate your specific business needs. Let us know what is perfect for you, and we’ll customize your solution.

Thank you for taking the time to consider us as your wholesale registered agent solution. To contact us with further questions or sign up for an account, please use our wholesale registered agent form.

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