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How To File An Arizona Corporation Amendment


Step By Step Guide To Arizona Corporation Amendments

How to file an Arizona Corporation Amendment:

To amend your domestic corporation’s Articles of Incorporation, file Form CF: 0040, Articles of Amendment and one exact copy with the Arizona Corporations Commission. You can submit the amendment by mail, fax, or in person. Include the Arizona Corporation filing cover sheet. The cover sheet and the Articles of Amendment form are available online (see link below) or in your online account when you sign up for Arizona statutory agent service with Northwest.

Arizona requires publication within 60 days of approval of the amendment by the Arizona Corporations Commission (ACC). Publication must be in a newspaper of general circulation in the county of the known place of business in Arizona, for three consecutive publications. A list of newspapers in each county will accompany the approval letter and order forms are in your online account when you sign up with Northwest. Publication is not required if amendments only change the name or address of members/managers, known place of business, or the name or address of the statutory agent.

If you amend your foreign corporation’s Articles of Incorporation, you must submit a certified copy of the articles to the ACC within 60 days of filing the change. Failure to provide the copy will result in a $100 penalty.

Can you restate the initial articles instead of filing an amendment?

A corporation’s board of directors may restate its Articles of Incorporation at any time. The restatement may include amendments. Form CF: 0045 Articles of Restatement is available online (see below).

Are there any specifics you can or can’t include with an Arizona Corporation amendment?

You can change any information by filing an amendment, except the incorporators.

How much does an Arizona Corporation amendment cost?

There is a $25 filing fee to file an Arizona Corporation amendment. Expedited filing costs an additional $35.

How long does it take the state to process an Arizona Corporation amendment?

Your articles of amendment take about 20 business days to process. Expedited processing takes 4-5 days.

How will the Arizona corporation amendment be returned?

The amendment can be returned by mail, fax, or pick-up. Remember, there may be additional time needed to call customers, fax, or mail the documents.

What state agency do you file an amendment with?

The forms can be filed by delivering them to:
Arizona Corporation Commission
Corporations Division – Corporate Filings Section
1300 W. Washington St., Phoenix, Arizona 85007-2929
Phone: 602-542-3026
Fax: 602-542-4100

When filing by fax, you must make arrangements for payment of filing fees. Usually, this means contacting the Arizona Corporation Commission to set up a money on deposit account.

Can you change the Arizona Corporation officers or directors on an amendment?

Yes, you can change the officers or directors by filing an amendment.

Can you change the Arizona statutory agent on the amendment?

You can change your statutory agent by filing an amendment. You could also file Form, AR: 0009, Statement of Change of Known Place of Business or Statutory Agent or change your Arizona statutory agent in your annual report.

Can you change the principal office address and/or the mailing address on a corporation amendment?

You can change your principal office address by filing an amendment. You could also file Form, AR: 0009, Statement of Change of Known Place of Business or Statutory Agent or change your address in your annual report.


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