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How To Reinstate A California Corporation


Reinstate Or Revive A California Corporation:

The process to revive a California corporation will depend on whether the corporation was suspended by the Secretary of State (SOS), the Franchise Tax Board (FTB), or both. If you need information regarding the type of suspension or forfeiture, you can request a status report from the California Secretary of State. Any forms you need to file to reinstate your California corporation are available in you online account immediately when you sign up with Northwest.

Reinstate with the California SOS: If your corporation has been suspended or forfeited by the California Secretary of State, you can request revival by filing a current Statement of Information form by mail, online or in person.

Reinstate with the California FTB: If you have been suspended or forfeited by the California Franchise Tax Board, you will need to pay all outstanding balances due, file any late tax returns, and file form FTB-3557 BC Application for Certificate of Revivor. For more information about reviving with the FTB, call them at (800) 852-5711.

Reinstate with the SOS and FTB: If your California corporation has been suspended or forfeited by both the California Secretary of State and the Franchise Tax Board, you should first file the Statement of Information form with the SOS so you can get a letter of proposed relief from suspension or forfeiture. Once you have received a letter of proposed relief, you should submit a copy to the FTB with an Application for Certificate of Revivor. The California LLC will be revived once both filings have been submitted.

How much will it cost to revive a California Corporation?

To revive your California corporation, you have to pay a $25 filing fee and a $250 penalty fee.

You may need to contact the Franchise Tax Board for any taxes, penalties or interest currently due to their office.

Requests for expedited processing must be submitted in person:
$15 special handling fee for in person submissions
$350 additional fee for 24 hour expedited processing
$750 additional fee for same day expedited processing

How long does it take the state to process the filing?

Normal processing can take the SOS at least eight weeks. Current processing times are listed on the SOS website (see link below).

You can have processing completed the same day or within 24 hours if you pay the additional fee. Same day filings must be submitted by 9:30 for a response by 4:00.

If you submit a statement of information to the Secretary of State, include a copy so that the SOS will file-stamp the copy and return it to you by mail.

How long does your California Corporation have to be inactive with the state before you wouldn’t have any fees, and would just have to start over with a new California Corporation?

In California you can reinstate a business any time after suspension or forfeiture. However, if your business has been dissolved, you would need to file as a new entity.

Can you change your California registered agent at the same time on the California reinstatement?

Yes. You can change your California registered agent on the Statement of Information form.

Can you change your principal address at the same time on the California reinstatement form?

Yes. You can change your principal office address on the Statement of Information form.

Can you change your officers and directors at the same time on the California reinstatement form?

Yes. You can change your officers and directors on the Statement of Information form.

What if my corporations name is not available when I apply for revival?

You will want to verify that your LLCs name has not already been taken by another entity. If it has been taken by another entity, you will need to file an amendment form to change your business name.

How many Statement of Information reports can you miss before you can’t revive your California Corporation?

There is no limit on reviving a California corporation. Revival is available as long as your business has not been dissolved.

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