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How to Dissolve a New Hampshire Corporation

How do you dissolve a New Hampshire Corporation?

To dissolve your New Hampshire Corporation, you file Articles of Dissolution by Board of Directors and Shareholders with the New Hampshire Department of State (DOS). You will have to certify that you have sent a copy of the articles of dissolution to the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration prior to filing.

If your New Hampshire corporation has not commenced business and/or issued shares, you can simply file Articles of Dissolution by Incorporator(s) or Initial Directors with DOS.

You can type on the form or print in black ink. Submit the signed, dated, original articles of dissolution and the filing fee by mail or in person. New Hampshire DOS accepts check, money order, or cash. Checks should be payable to “State of New Hampshire” and cash must be in the exact amount owed.

New Hampshire Department of State contact information:

Mail documents to:
New Hampshire Department of State
Corporate Division
107 North Main Street
Concord, NH 03301-4989

Drop documents off at:
State House Annex Room 341
25 Capitol Street, 3rd floor
Concord, NH 03301
M-F, 8:30-3:30

Phone: (603) 271-3246

New Hampshire Corporation Dissolution FAQ

Is there a filing fee to dissolve or cancel a New Hampshire Corporation?

There is a $35 filing fee to dissolve your New Hampshire Corporation.

Do you need a Department of Revenue Administration clearance before the New Hampshire Department of State will accept your dissolution?

No. You do not need to get a tax clearance certificate before you can dissolve a corporation or LLC in New Hampshire. If you have commenced business, the dissolution form does require you to certify that you mailed a copy of your corporations articles of dissolution to the NH DRA.

Department of Revenue Administration
109 Pleasant Street
PO Box 457
Concord, NH 03302-0457

How long does it take the state to process the filing in New Hampshire?

New Hampshire DOS processing time for mailed documents is 5-8 business days.
Walked in documents are processed in 3-5 business days.

Can you revoke your corporations dissolution?

Yes. You can file Articles of Revocation of Dissolution within 120 days of dissolving your New Hampshire corporation. There is a $35 filing fee.

How long before someone can take your business name?

If you dissolve your New Hampshire corporation voluntarily, your name is protected for 120 days following dissolution.

If your New Hampshire corporation is administratively dissolved by DOS, your name is also protected for 120 days.

What is the penalty if you do not dissolve properly and just don’t file your annual reports?

If a New Hampshire corporation does not deliver its annual report to the secretary of state for two consecutive years, the department of state will administratively dissolve the corporation. After a corporation misses its second annual report, New Hampshire DOS will mail a notice of dissolution to the corporation at its principal address and if you still don’t file the report, your corporation will be administratively dissolved on September 1st.

What are the late fees and penalties to re-register if your registration is forfeited?

The cost to reinstate your New Hampshire corporation depends on how long it has been since you were administratively dissolved. It is cheapest and easiest to reinstate within 120 days of the dissolution (by December 30).

Within 120 days/by December 30th:
Reinstatement fee – $135
Annual report fee – $100 each
Annual report late fee – $50 each
Total – $435

After December 30th, but within 3 years of dissolution:
Reinstatement fee – $135
Annual report fee – $100 each
Annual report late fee – $50 each
Tax clearance fee – $30
Total – depends on how many annual reports you missed

More than 3 years after administrative dissolution:
Late reinstatement fee – $500
Annual report fee – $100 each
Annual report late fee – $50 each
Tax clearance fee – $30
Total – depends on how many annual reports you missed

New Hampshire Department of State – Forms:


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