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How To Publish Notice Of Your Pennsylvania Articles Of Incorporation

Pennsylvania Department Of State Requires Advertising A Notice In Two Newspapers

What are the Advertising Requirements of a Pennsylvania Business Corporations?

Pennsylvania Code requires that the incorporators advertise their intention to file, or advertise that they have formed a corporation with the Pennsylvania Department of State, to be published once in two newspapers of general circulation, one a legal newspaper.

When do you have to publish the advertisement in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania doesn’t care how soon you publish before you file or how late after you file.  The law states that the advertisement may appear prior to or after the articles of incorporation are filed and the Pennsylvania Department of State has no deadline.

Is there specific language Pennsylvania requires in the advertisement?

You publish the name of your corporation and a statement that your Pennsylvania business is to be or has been organized under the Pennsylvania Business Corporation Law of 1988.

How much does it cost to publish the advertisement in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania newspapers and legal journals have varying advertising cost that they charge to place the notice in their paper.  If you hire Northwest Registered Agent as your registered office provider, there is one local legal journal, Montgomery County Law Reporter, which has a flat rate of $82.  That is $72 for the ad and $10 for the affidavit of publication.  This is a much cheaper rate than many of the legal newspapers in other Pennsylvania Counties.  The general circulation newspapers charge by the line or by the inch. The Times Herald in Norristown Pennsylvania is recommended by the Montgomery Law Reporter and they charge approximately $1.27 per 20 character line for a legal advertisement.  The affidavit of publication is $25 more.  You can email your notice to [email protected] and they will reply back with your price. The sample ad below is 20 lines long so its cost is $25.40 plus $25 for the proof. Your total cost to publish in Montgomery County Pennsylvania is approximately $132, cheaper than most other counties in PA.

Sample advertisement in a Pennsylvania newspaper

Family Business, Inc., hereby gives notice that articles of incorporation will be filed with the Department of State of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, under the provisions of the Pennsylvania Business Corporation Law of 1988, approved December 21, 1988, P.L. 1444, No. 177, effective October 1, 1989, as amended. The purpose for which the corporation is to be organized is for computer consulting.

Visit The Times Herald website and click “Classifieds” on the navigation bar or call (610) 272-7450.

Can I advertise in any paper in Pennsylvania?

The Pennsylvania Department of State says that you must publish your legal notice of incorporation in two newspapers located in the county of your registered office provider, and one needs to be a legal newspaper.

Does Pennsylvania Department of State want proof that you published the advertisement?

Even though Pennsylvania requires that you publish the notice of your incorporation by legal advertisement and that you obtain proof in the form of an affidavit of publication, the Pennsylvania Department of State does not want and will not accept the proof.  The corporation is just supposed to keep the affidavit of publication in their minute book.

What business entities must advertise their formation in Pennsylvania?

All corporations, foreign and domestic, for profit and nonprofit, including fictitious name registrations, must publish notice of their incorporation in Pennsylvania.  Limited Liability Companies are not required to advertise their formation in Pennsylvania.  The legal newspapers have advertising forms for LLCs but it is not required according to the Pennsylvania Department of State.

Where can I find a list of newspapers in Pennsylvania to advertise in?

Click on the following links for a list of newspapers of general circulation and a list of legal newspapers.

Pennsylvania Newspapers by County

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