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Arizona Benefit Corporation Articles Of Incorporation

“Articles of Incorporation” is the document that forms your legal entity – the Arizona benefit corporation. This is the document you file with the Arizona Corporation Commission. There is no state form for the Arizona benefit corporation articles so you will need to draft your own. We can help you with that! We provide a free articles of incorporation PDFs for Arizona benefit corporations.

Free Arizona Benefit Corporation Articles of Incorporation Template

Free Arizona Benefit Corporation Articles of Incorporation

What is an Arizona Benefit Corporation?

An Arizona benefit corporation is a relatively new type of corporation. It only became an option in Arizona in January 2015.  This new type of benefit corporation is still a “for profit corporation” but it  has the purpose of creating a public benefit in addition to its usual goal of making money. The public benefit created can be anything from generating solar power to feeding the homeless or educating at-risk youth. Pretty much corporation purpose that gives some benefit to those who need it qualifies for Arizona benefit corporation status.

What Information is Required on the Arizona B Corp Articles?

The Arizona Corporation Commission will only accept your Articles of Incorporation for filing if the document meets the minimum requirements. So you must carefully draft your articles of incorporation to include all the information that is required by Arizona state law.

The Arizona Benefit Corporation Articles of Incorporation must include the corporation’s name, statement of benefit corporation status, principal and mailing address, amount of stock authorized, par value of corporation stock, statutory agent and statutory office address, public benefit purpose, initial board of directors, and incorporator(s).


Arizona benefit corporation Articles of Incorporation must be filed with the Arizona Corporation Commission to form an Arizona benefit corporation. The Arizona benefit corporation articles are very similar to a standard for-profit corporation, but must also include a statement of benefit corporation status and a public benefit purpose.

You are welcome to use our Benefit Corporation Articles of Incorporation template, but this benefit corporation form is not a replacement for competent legal counsel on your Arizona benefit corporation’s specific needs. We also offer a general articles of incorporation template for standard for-profit corporations.

After you sign up online for Northwest Registered Agent’s Arizona statutory agent service, you will find all the state supplied Arizona corporation forms on our thank you page.

Our drafted Arizona Benefit Corporation Articles of Incorporation include:

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Adoption of the Arizona benefit corporation articles
  • Name of the Arizona benefit corporation
  • Statement of benefit corporation status
  • Principal and mailing address of the benefit corporation
  • Amount of stock the benefit corporation is authorized to issue
  • Par value of corporation stock
  • Statutory agent and statutory office address of the Arizona benefit corporation
  • The purpose of the benefit corporation
  • The initial board of directors
  • The benefit corporation incorporator
  • Contact information

Most Arizona registered agents charge hundreds if not thousands of dollars for the business documents that we provide for free every day. Please take advantage of our free Arizona Benefit Corporation Articles of Incorporation template.

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