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Arkansas Benefit Corporation Articles Of Incorporation

To form an Arkansas benefit corporation, you will need to file your Articles of Incorporation with the Arkansas Secretary of State. The Arkansas Secretary of State provides an “Articles of Incorporation for Benefit Corporation” form on their website. Alternatively, you can draft articles and submit them to the Arkansas Secretary of State.

Free Arkansas Benefit Corporation Articles of Incorporation Template

Free Arkansas Benefit Corporation Articles Of Incorporation

What is an Arkansas Benefit Corporation?

An Arkansas benefit corporation is a corporation that has the purpose of creating a public benefit in addition to its usual goal of maximizing shareholder profits. The benefit corporation is great for socially responsible businesses that are concerned with more than their own bottom line. For example, Box Populi Cooperative, a worker owned food trike (yes, you read that right) seeks to promote a democratic economy in Arkansas. Box Populi promotes creates a public benefit in many ways, including they way they pay their workers and contribute to the community. As you can see, the options for creating a public good are limitless! Arkansas is one of a growing number of states that have now offer this new type of for-profit corporation.

What information is required on the Arizona B Corp Articles of Incorporation?

Arkansas Benefit Corporation Articles of Incorporation must meet minimum state requirements in order for the Arkansas Secretary of State to accept them. You may use the Arkansas Secretary of State Articles of Incorporation for Benefit Corporation form or you may draft your own articles, as long as your document meets the state requirements. If you choose to draft your Arkansas benefit corporation articles, we can help! Just use our PDF below.

In order to be accepted for filing, your Arkansas Benefit Corporation Articles of Incorporation must include: the corporation’s name, statement of benefit corporation status, principal and mailing address, amount of stock authorized, par value of corporation stock, registered agent and registered office address, public benefit purpose, benefit officer and director, and incorporator(s).


We provide free Arkansas benefit corporation articles of incorporation above in a PDF form format. Your articles of incorporation must be filed with the Arkansas Secretary of State to form an Arkansas public benefit corporation. The Arkansas benefit corporation articles are very similar to a standard for-profit corporation, with some additional language that is included to create the benefit corporation. Our articles are a basic template but they may need to be adjusted to meet your need. Please to not take this Benefit Corporation Articles of Incorporation template as a substitute for legal advice. We also offer a general articles of incorporation template for standard for-profit corporations.

Sign up for immediate Arkansas Registered Agent Service! When you choose Northwest as your Arkansas Benefit Corporation registered agent, all the Arkansas state forms are on our thank you page after sign up. We email them to you as well.

Our drafted Arkansas Benefit Corporation Articles of Incorporation include:

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Adoption of the benefit corporation articles
  • Name of the Arkansas benefit corporation
  • Statement of Arkansas benefit corporation status
  • Principal and mailing address of the benefit corporation
  • Amount of stock the benefit corporation is authorized to issue
  • Registered agent and registered office address of the Arkansas benefit corporation
  • The purpose of the benefit corporation
  • Initial board of directors
  • The benefit corporation incorporator
  • Contact information

Many people end up paying hundreds dollars for the type of Arkansas business documents that we provide as a courtesy. Please save yourself the money and the hassle and use our free Arkansas Benefit Corporation Articles of Incorporation template.

Your Arkansas benefit corporation is going to need a reliable Arkansas registered agent service and we would love to have your business. Sign up now to get our industry leading registered agent service for $125 a year.

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