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Free Nebraska Articles Of Incorporation

You can download the free Nebraska corporation articles of incorporation template below.  The Nebraska Secretary of State does not provide simple PDF templates like every other state to help you easily form a Nebraska corporation.  We provide the Nebraska Articles of Incorporation PDF template we use to file with the Nebraska Secretary of State below. We offer a Word Doc template at the bottom of this page as well.


Our Nebraska Articles of Incorporation Templates

Obviously, the templates have to be customized for your use, but they’re a great start for you.  These are based off of the Nebraska Revised Statute 21-2018.

You’ll notice that we are listed as the Nebraska Registered Agent.  If you would like us to be your agent for service of process, please sign up for that service and then file these articles.  If you do not want us to be the agent, please change it and list someone else.

You’ll notice these Nebraska corporation Articles of Incorporation provide all the state required information such as:

  • Name of the Nebraska corporation
  • Existence of the NE corp.
  • Purpose of the NE corporation.
  • Registered agent and registered office of the NE corporation.
  • Number of shares, class, and par value.
  • Name and physical address of the incorporator.

You may also find these links helpful:

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If you would like to have us form your Nebraska Corporation, you can hire us to do so for $100 here: Incorporation Service

If you would like us to be your NE registered agent and benefit from ongoing support with your Nebraska Compliance, you can read about our services here: Registered Agent Service

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