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If you have a business and recently received a lawsuit, or you may have a sinking feeling in your stomach (wonder what all the legal stuff means) and be quite scared. We can’t help with that, but hopefully if you’ll take the next hour and read through our pages about lawsuits and lawsuit terminology, you’ll at least be able to talk to your attorney with more confidence and understand the process a little better. While the information and examples will help you understand the process, it is recommended you consult with an attorney before commencing or defending a lawsuit.

Lawsuit Resources

Check out the links below for guides and forms to help you understand and deal with lawsuits. Also, if you’re tired of getting embarrassed at your workplace with process servers, law officers, certified mail—or worse yet, at your house, if you happened to list yourself as your registered agent—Northwest can help. You can sign up for registered agent service and switch the agent to us. We electronically store all your lawsuits, service of process, and any state documents we receive on your behalf in your online account. We have real physical offices in every state to accept lawsuits on behalf of our clients, and help keep your matters more private. We upload all documents into your online account immediately upon receipt.

We can email up to 5 email addresses and your attorney upon receipt. Then, if you don’t log in and look at the document, we send you a regular letter in 3 days, asking you to log in. No more embarrassing house or work calls.

At Northwest, we provide registered agent service to receive lawsuits for our business clients. The information provided is to be used as a tool and a guide for understanding the litigation process. By simply providing this information, Northwest Registered Agent is not liable or responsible for the outcome of any legal matter. We solely provide registered agent and incorporation services. Northwest Registered Agent is not authorized and will not provide any information over the telephone or otherwise regarding legal questions or matters.

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