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Free California Mutual Benefit Corporation Articles

A California mutual benefit corporation is typically formed as a nonprofit corporation, but NOT tax exempt. This type of nonprofit corporation is usually for condo associations, business associations like a downtown business association, a farmers market, or a homeowners association. We offer a free Articles of Incorporation template for these California nonprofits.

Free California Mutual Benefit Corporation Articles

California Mutual Benefit Corporations

The typical tax exempt language found in nonprofit articles is usually not wanted for a California mutual benefit corporation. Why? It typically wouldn’t get approved as a tax exempt organization because the purpose of the nonprofit is not beneficial to anyone and everyone. Plus if you’ve contributed into a condo association and the condo association has say 10,000 in its bank account, you want that 10,000 to go back to the members, not to some random nonprofit agency.

Some Pointers:

Usually mutual benefit associations have members.

You’ll notice our language on our free California mutual benefit nonprofit corporation articles that talks about members. You can change this if you would like. This word doc is completely unlocked and editable.

If you really want to form a nonprofit, but don’t really have a ton of desire to spend a year trying to get tax exempt status with every agency, forming a California mutual benefit corporation as a nonprofit may be a good alternative. Though a mutual benefit corporation will not be tax exempt, it will be a lot simpler for you to form.

If you do not want to do the filing to create your California mutual benefit corporation, we charge $100 to file your CA nonprofit for you.

We hope you will decide to do the filing yourself and use us as your California registered agent. A California mutual benefit nonprofit corporation will need an agent for service of process anyway, and you can see our pitch below on how we will make forming and maintaining your CA nonprofit easier, just with our free nonprofit compliance tools.

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