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Steps to getting an eIN for your LLC

Federal Employment Identification Numbers (FEINs or EINs) are like social security numbers for businesses, and with very few exceptions, all businesses need one. Fortunately, the process for obtaining an EIN for your LLC is simple. You apply to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for an EIN online or by paper by filing Form SS-4. Below, you’ll find step-by-step instructions to obtain your EIN for your LLC. Take a look:

  1. Contact Information
    The first seven (7) lines are simply contact information for your LLC. You’ll only want to put your own name down if you are applying for an EIN as a sole proprietor. Otherwise, think of this form as you would if you were filling out contact information for one of your children.When you get to line 7a, this is where you’ll need to enter your name, or that of whomever will be paying the entity’s taxes, as well as their Social Security Number in box 7b; if the responsible party is another corporation or business entity, enter that entity’s name and its EIN.
  2. Entity Conformation
    Boxes 8 and 9 are concerned with the type of entity applying for the EIN. Simply choose LLC.For those with an S corporation, remember it is only an election with the IRS. An LLC can elect to be taxed as an “S corporation,” so if you’ve formed an LLC, choose LLC on the form, as you don’t want to select corporation.
  3. Accounting and Taxes
    The latter half of the application is mostly concerned with how your entity should be taxed and what types of returns the IRS should expect from your entity. Box 10 determines your purpose for obtaining an EIN.Box 12 asks which month will be the closing month of the accounting year. The fiscal year typically runs in line with the calendar year.Box 14 determines which tax return you’ll need to file for your LLC. If you think your LLC will owe less than $1,000 in taxes for the tax year, you may be eligible to file Form 944 as a return annually, instead of having to file Form 941 and pay taxes quarterly.In box 15, include the date when the first wages were paid to employees. If you have no employees, write “N/A.”Box 16 asks you to indicate what type of activities in which your LLC will engage. Box 17 asks for further specification of the types of products or services your LLC sells. Be as concise and specific as possible.
  4. Sign and Send
    You’ve now completed Form SS-4. Sign the form and submit it to the IRS. If you file online, you will receive your EIN instantly.

IRS Filing Information:
Internal Revenue Service
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Fax-TIN: 859-669-5790

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