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How to Reinstate an Alaska LLC

To reinstate your Alaska LLC, no form is needed. Instead, you’ll need to fix the issues that led to your Alaska LLC’s dissolution and pay double your owed fees. Below, we’ll provide a free, step-by-step guide to reinstating your Alaska LLC.

Revive Or Reinstate An Alaska Limited Liability Company

The state of Alaska has the power to administratively dissolve your LLC if you fail to do any of the following:

  • file an initial report
  • file a biennial report for six months after the due date
  • appoint and maintain a registered agent
  • file paperwork after changing your registered agent
  • pay any fees required by law
  • truthfully represent facts about your Alaska LLC on your formation documents

The reason your LLC was administratively dissolved will determine how you reinstate it.

What information will I need to reinstate my Alaska LLC?

First, you need to figure out why your LLC was dissolved. The reason will be outlined in the Certificate of Involuntary Dissolution that was mailed to your registered agent. You can also find a copy online by searching for your Alaska LLC in the Corporations Database.

How long do I have to reinstate my dissolved Alaska LLC?

If your Alaska LLC is involuntarily dissolved, you have two years to reinstate your LLC. After that, you’ll have to start over and form a new Alaska LLC.

How do I reinstate my Alaska LLC if it was dissolved due to an issue with my registered agent?

First, make sure your registered agent meets Alaska’s requirements.

Then, file a Statement of Change with Alaska’s Corporations Section. You can use this form to update your existing registered agent information or change your Alaska registered agent, but only if all of your biennial reports are up to date.

The Statement of Change must be filed by mail and include the $25 filing fee plus a $25 reinstatement fee.

How do I file late initial or biennial reports?

Once your Alaska LLC is dissolved, the state will no longer allow you to file any paperwork online.

Because Alaska generates unique reports for each LLC, you will need to email the Corporations Section at [email protected] to request your missed reports. Include your Alaska LLC’s name, entity number, dissolution date, and a brief statement explaining that you’d like to reinstate your Alaska LLC.

The Corporations Section will email you your missed biennial reports, and you can complete and send your hard copies via fax or mail.

How long does Alaska take to process a delinquent biennial report?

Once your Alaska LLC is dissolved, your only option is to file hard copy reports by fax or mail. Typical processing time for hard copy reports is 10-15 days, but during the busy season between October and February, it may take longer.

How much will it cost to reinstate an Alaska LLC?

It depends on why your Alaska LLC was dissolved.

If your Alaska LLC was dissolved because your registered agent was non-compliant, it will cost $50 to file the Statement of Change form and pay a reinstatement fee.

If your Alaska LLC was dissolved because of late reports, you’ll owe double the filing fee for each missed report.

You will also be responsible for any other fees your LLC would have accrued while it was dissolved.

To find out your exact bill, email [email protected].

What if the name of my Alaska LLC was taken?

Six months after involuntary dissolution, your Alaska LLC’s name becomes available to other companies. If your name was adopted by another business, you won’t be able to reinstate your Alaska LLC under that name. Instead, you’ll have to choose a new name and file Articles of Amendment to change it.

How will I know if my Alaska LLC was reinstated?

The state will mail a Certificate of Reinstatement to your registered agent. You can also find a copy by searching for your LLC on Alaska’s Corporations Database.

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